What are Lucky Stars doing in Crisis Core?


    Crisis Core adds a lot to the combat system of the Final Fantasy franchise. One of the more notable new developments is the Digital Mind Wave, which is a slot machine that grants special perks and new abilities at random times. As Zack encounters powerful allies, he gains Limit Breaks, which can turn the tide of a fight. Cissnei’s Limit Break is called Lucky Stars and it works a little differently than the others.

    The Lucky Stars Limit Break in Crisis Core

    When all three wheels go up Cissnei, Zack will be covered in a bright light. Lucky Stars increase the excitement gauge, increasing the chance to trigger another limit break. It also puts Zack in a critical state, which means that all of his attacks will deal much more damage. The increased excitement gauge increases the possibility of a modulation phase, which could result in several other powerful break limits.

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    When you’re under the effects of Lucky Stars, you could end up wielding any number of other powerful abilities. Since you have no way of choosing which Limit Breaks appear, you have to activate Lucky Stars as soon as they appear. The massive damage increase could turn the tide of a battle and another cap will likely be coming soon.

    Lucky Stars is also the name of a Materia that Zack can buy from the Research Department for 10,000 gil. Increases the chance for Cissnei to appear on the wheel, which increases the chance of getting the Lucky Stars Limit Break.

    Lucky Stars’ Limit Break doesn’t sound like much, but a big attack bonus followed immediately by another Limit Break could be a huge advantage. You will get Lucky Stars when you meet Cissnei in the middle of Chapter 4.

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