What does Potent Omnium Crystal II do in Tower of Fantasy? Explained


    Powerful Omnium Crystals are a premium resource in the sci-fi MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, used to upgrade your suppressors. This increases your attack, stamina, HP, and critical damage, which helps your survivability and damage. You may have noticed “Potent Omnium Crystal II” in the Crystal Dust Store and wondered what makes it different. Here we explain what it does, how to get them, and how to use them to upgrade your Suppressor.

    What is a Potent Omnium Crystal II in Tower of Fantasy?

    Potent Omnium Crystal II does not differ much from normal Potent Omnium Crystals. It is also used to upgrade your suppressor, but it won’t be necessary until you have a Suppressor 8.1 or higher. If your suppressor is now at or close to 8.1, you might want to learn more about how you can get them in-game and how to use them to upgrade your suppressor eventually.

    What is a suppressor in Tower of Fantasy?

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    First, it’s important to understand what all of the stats in the game do. The Suppressor in Tower of Fantasy is a piece of equipment that protects your character against radiation and increases your stats. A better Suppressor helps you progress your exploration much faster in the game while being protected from Omnium Radiation no matter what area you explore.

    With a well-upgraded Suppressor, you also have more combat power to take down enemies. The game limits how much you can update it in a day based on your account, but make sure you do your best to keep it updated daily.

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    How to use powerful Omnium crystals to upgrade your Suppressor in Tower of Fantasy

    You can only upgrade your Suppressor by using powerful Omnium Crystals. You can select a Suppressor from the menu button on your screen. you can see the empower button immediately, but there are some conditions to update them.

    Each suppressor can only be upgraded up to five times. Upon reaching the fifth update, the game offers you a reward.

    How to get Potent Omnium Crystal II in Tower of Fantasy

    Unlike Potent Omnium Crystals, which you can obtain in a number of ways, you can only acquire Potent Omnium Crystal II in four ways. It is acquired as reward of exploration in Vera or Grayspacefor using a Limited Gachaponor as an item you can buy at the crystal powder shop.

    Although it has the same SR grade as Potent Omnium Crystals, the Potent Omnium Crystal II is a little more difficult to acquire, but since you won’t need it until you hit Suppressor 8.1, you still have enough time to prepare to have enough. of that

    crystal powder shop

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    Potent Omnium Crystal II is one of the few items in the Crystal Dust Store with a purchase limit. Acquired by exchanging it with 2,500 Energy Crystal Dust, you can only get it once a week.

    If you have more than enough Energy Crystal Dust to spare, it may be wise to start buying the Potent Omnium Crystal II each week when you’re only a couple levels away from having a Suppressor 8.1.

    limited gachapon

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    The city of Mirroria is full of gacha vending machines called Gachapon machines. Some of these offer more valuable rewards, such as the Potent Omnium Crystal II in exchange for Mira or Old Vera Coins, called Limited Gachapon machines.

    Here are the two locations where you can find Limited Gachapon machines:

    • Travel on the cruise to Mirafleur Lounge. Two Gachapon machines are located a little further to your left. The Limited Gachapon is the one on the right.
    • Use the Cruiser to head towards the Hazardous Materials Laboratory, then follow the path south until you see a row of vending machines. The one on the right is the Limited Gachapon.

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    Vera’s Exploration Rewards

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    MMORPGs like Tower of Fantasy aren’t complete without world exploration. In the game, you can explore and travel through the Asperia and Vera regions and earn rewards in return. Exploring certain areas of Vera grants you the Potent Omnium Crystal II, so keep your eyes peeled throughout your exploration progress.

    There are several points of interest with collectibles that increase your Exploration Points. You can unlock additional rewards when a certain number of exploration points have been acquired. Exploration progress rewards are located on each region’s page.

    gray space

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    This option is only viable to try once you are further along in the game. In addition to exploring Vera, you can also traverse gray spaceVera’s alternate dimension, to encounter the Potent Omnium Crystal II as a reward.

    To enter the Grayspace dimension, you must be at least level 74 and have a minimum progress of 40% on Vera. Keep an eye out for the Mighty Abyss “Planar Rift” in your exploration progress in this alternate dimension of the game and complete it to acquire additional Potent Omnium Crystal II.

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