PS5: Apparently a new bundle with two DualSense controllers was planned


    Dennis Leschnikowski 01/09/2023 4:20 o’clock.

    As you can see from the reports from the various dealers, Sony Interactive Entertainment is apparently planning a new PlayStation 5 bundle. The console is equipped with two dual-sense controllers.

    Last week during the press conference 2023, Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, pointed out that the PlayStation 5 supply bottlenecks are now a matter of the past.

    Since this is true, the Japanese company is preparing for the release of a new PlayStation 5 bundle. This is at least indicated by the product entries that have appeared in the past while, however, at a dealer such as the EB Games store, but have now been removed back. According to the previous entries, the new package will consist of a PlayStation 5 console on the one side and two copies of the DualSense controller on the other side.

    Moreover, the new bundle will be released on the digital version of the PlayStation 5 and the classic version with a disc drive.

    An official confirmation is still not yet available.

    This comes from the product entry from EB Games, where the two versions of billiards are listed. The bundles were the latest PlayStation 5 model, in which various adjustments to the hardware led to a weight reduction and a less expensive battery life among other things.

    The two bundles are listed by European dealers at prices between 619 and 699 euros. Depending on the country and depending upon the type of material you’re interested in with the computer a person may opt for a normal version or the digital version. Since the official statement or the confirmation or announcement of Sony Interactive Entertainment isn’t much longer.

    In the past, however, EB Games has always proven reliable source for current announcements, since the retail chain often stores product entries too early. Also it is quite possible that the announcement of the new bundle will be made soon.

    Quelle: Twisted and squat-in-ceilted Voxel.

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