What do danger levels mean in Lethal Company?


    Lethal Company has many unknown mysteries, one of which is the different levels of danger. When you go to any moon in the game, there will be a danger level indicator on your screen when you abandon ship.

    This can be very confusing and make you wonder if it means something or if it simply indicates the weather on the moon. This guide is here to help you understand what danger levels mean in Lethal Company.

    Explanation of the company’s lethal danger levels

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    You can think of danger levels as difficulty levels in Lethal Company. There are six different danger levels, and the higher it is, the more monsters you’ll likely face on that moon. But these levels have little to do with the loot you will find on that moon.

    Many players associate monsters with moons, but that is not the case, as danger levels determine which monsters you can face on a moon. For example, you can take on Ghost Girl in Experimentation if the danger level is higher.

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    All danger levels in Lethal Company

    As I mentioned, there are six different danger levels in the game, and this is how I would describe each of them.

    • S+: This is the maximum difficulty level for more advanced players.
    • Yes: A minor variant of the S+ difficulty.
    • TO: It’s challenging but offers a kind of balance between the difficult and the impossible.
    • b: My favorite and most moderate difficulty, which strikes a balance between fun and challenge.
    • c: A relaxed difficulty for players who want to relax.
    • d: Entry level difficulty for newcomers.

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