What button should you press in the labs in Zephyr Paradise in High on Life?



    High on Life is a game like no other from the creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, and his studio, Squanch Games. The game has several different scenes that require you to make a decision for something to happen. You will come face to face with one of these decisions within the laboratories in Zephyr Paradise. An alien scientist will ask you to choose which alien to merge with the human in front of them. The humans and aliens are inside a pod that has a choose button in front of each one. There is no way of knowing what happens unless you make a decision. So which alien should you merge with the human in High on Life?

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    Which alien should you merge with the human in High on Life?

    Regardless of which alien you choose, they will immediately begin the fusion. Unfortunately, the fusion will kill both the alien you chose and the human. So it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. The scientist who asked you to make the decision will not seem greatly affected by the results. Thus, you will be free to leave without any consequences for your decision.

    Since you are inside Zephyr Paradise, you should have already completed the bounty for Krubis. Given that, you should be able to find Creature in this area, the Gatlian that can spit out the babies it carries on its back.

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