What is a Vivarium at Hogwarts Legacy?


    Hogwarts Legacy promises to allow you to experience being a witch or wizard in your own unique way. One of the ways you can interact with the world is through its magical beasts, both in the open world and within a Vivarium. Nurseries are unique biomes where you can raise and care for magical creatures. This is what we know about them at Hogwarts Legacy.

    Where can you find a Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy?

    The nurseries are located in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy. While we’ll likely only have access to a meadow-like Vivarium early in the game, thanks to this gameplay showcase, we know that more than one Vivarium will be unlockable throughout the game.

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    Each Vivarium is much larger than its door appears. The meadow-like Vivarium is certainly larger than the Room of Requirement itself. Like the Room of Requirement, a Vivarium can be customized using the Conjuration system to create an aesthetically appealing home for your beasts or to conjure more functional items to help you care for them.

    The player must take care of the magical beasts housed in Vivariums by feeding them and interacting with them. You can pet your magical creatures or play with various toys with them. You can even name them. Some creatures we saw in the showcase include Nifflers, Kneazels, and Mooncalves. Magical creatures that are well cared for will provide you with crafting materials to upgrade your equipment.

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