What are the five playable families in Warcraft Rumble?


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    You have to choose a class and build your deck to defeat enemies in this free mobile WoW mini strategy. Check out the five playable families in Warcraft Rumble and see which one you want to join.

    What are the five families in Warcraft Rumble?

    The five families, or classes, of the game with their own family leaders to whom you can swear allegiance. My preference is always the Undead, but here’s the full list for you to choose from:

    • alliance – Well known to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone players. The noble Alliance will have many defensive units and spells. They often choose to operate in stealth, making them invisible to enemies until damaged. You know them from the chivalrous human characters in the story.
    • Horde – Another well-known faction in World of Warcraft history. These proud warriors are best known for their orc warriors and shamans. Horde units specialize in generating momentum, increasing their speed while slowing enemies, and taking control of the map.
    • Beast – Animal-like units that will overwhelm you with their sheer numbers. These minis break through defenses by summoning many beastly troops with a large increase in speed, without giving the enemy enough time to recover.
    • no dead people – This is an undead or zombie faction full of beasts that do not want to remain sleeping and silent. This faction is best known for its skeletal warriors and necromancy-savvy leaders.
    • Black Rock – Includes magma and lava-like monsters that focus on fire and flame elemental spells, setting the map on fire. They are the best in the air, flying and dealing significant damage to enemies on the ground.

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    Who are the leaders of each class in Warcraft Rumble?

    Each family has their own groups of leaders that you can choose from that will best fit your deck.


    Alliance leaders rely heavily on defense, healing, stealth tactics, and spells.

    • Tirion Fordring – a defense unit with healing leader ability to keep our troops alive.
    • Maiev Shadowsong – As the name suggests, it helps keep your units in the shadows, which is perfect for stealth attacks.
    • Jaina Proudmoore – Increases your units’ spellcasting with their abilities.


    All Horde leaders gain additional gold and can perform area-of-effect stuns.

    • Grommash Hellscream – Additional Great Attacker, dealing double damage to enemy units below 50% health.
    • Need – Greed is a powerful force for this unit and it works for you as you earn a lot of gold with its abilities.
    • Cairne Bloodhoof – a healer who can resurrect himself once per game with half his health.


    Leaders rely on moving quickly and dealing a lot of damage quickly.

    • Charlga Flanco Navajo – You can disable enemy defenses with your skills.
    • hogger – a fast moving unit that helps troops attack your enemies.
    • Old dark eye – spawns Tidehunters that can overwhelm enemy defenses with their numbers.

    no dead people

    Undead leaders in Warcraft Rumble have a penchant for necromancy.

    • Blood Mage Thalnos – Spellcaster that gets stronger with each cast.
    • Baron Rivendare – can summon infinite armies of the dead.
    • Sylvanas Windrunner – Provides a combination of upgrades to Undead and Horde units.

    Black Rock

    All Blackrock leaders burn enemies with fire.

    • Rend Blackhand – perfect leader for a flying deck. Both he and his Gyth mount can deal damage individually.
    • General Drakkisath – a great unit to use in an elemental damage deck. It can also decrease elemental damage to your team.

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    What are the spells of each class in Warcraft Rumble?

    The alliance It is a very spell-focused fraction that includes:

    • Arcane Blast – Area-of-effect elemental spell that deals double damage every time you use it.
    • Snow storm – Causes Frost to slow enemy movement and attack speed.
    • Santa Nova – a healing spell that will also deal elemental damage to enemies.

    The horde Use AoE spells like:

    • chain lightning – Sends a burst of lightning through several enemies.
    • Execute – Removes half of enemies’ health with one hit.

    The beasts Use only one spell, for me the most fun:

    • Polymorphic organism – Transforms enemies into floating, fluffy sheep for a period of time.4

    The Walking Dead Use a necromancy spell:

    • cheat death – Gives undead troops extra seconds of life to attack.

    The Black Rock The faction uses specific fire or smoke spells:

    • Deep breathing – Deals AoE elemental fire damage.
    • living bomb – Place a bomb on a group of enemies, deal elemental damage and give them an explosion!
    • Smoke bomb – grants stealth to nearby allies, making them invisible to enemies.

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