What are the Armored Core 6 New Game Plus Differences?


    Like every other game made by FromSoftware, Armored Core 6 has New Game plus content, providing additional replayability and even more hours of mindless robot-bashing fun. Finishing the game has been difficult enough for me, and it got me wondering: Is the new game+ going to bump up the difficulty even more? This guide will observe all the differences between the New Game Plus and the main campaign in Armored Core 6.

    Armored Core 6 New Game+ differences explained

    The New Game+ will offer you several new missions, including some hidden content, and several new mech parts upon completing the first Armored Core 6 campaign playthrough. When you beat the final boss, the game will bring you back to the garage menu, allowing you to select and replay all the main campaign missions. Here is a complete list of New Game+ content that becomes available after the campaign ending:

    • New missions (in the second and third playthrough)
    • New decisions and alternate ending
    • New Arena Battles
    • New Mech parts and weapons

    Aside from a couple of new parts and weapons becoming available, your second game playthrough on New Game+ will generally be the same in Armored Core 6. The enemies will not change the difficulty and won’t present you with new challenges to overcome. Boss battles, like the Helicopter fight, will be significantly easier because you will have learned the game inside and out and have additional Mech customization options by then.

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    Are there multiple Armored Core 6 endings after the main campaign?

    Armored Core 6 features three different endings, depending on the choices you make during certain key points in missions:

    • Liberator of Rubicon (Good): During this ending, humanity and Coral come to an accord and live together in harmony. The key point is to eliminate Carla in Chapter 5 of the campaign playthrough.
    •  Fires of Raven (Bad): This ending has you siding with Carla and your Handler, Walter, against Ayre. It involves the extinction of Coral, annihilating all life on the Rubicon.
    •  Alea Iacta Est (True): You can unlock this ending on your third playthrough. I think of this ending as a good ending plus, because you still get the Liberator of Rubicon and help the Coral spread to other worlds after defeating the ALLMIND.

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