What are red butterfly lanterns in Lords of the Fallen?


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    Although Lords of the Fallen may not be as open world as Elden Ring, there are still many paths and secrets to discover as you progress through the dark world of Axiom and Umbral. You may have noticed some unique floating lanterns surrounded by red butterflies on your trip and haven’t yet figured out what they are for. Don’t worry; We’ve got all the details for you below, including how you can activate them and earn special loot for failing.

    Lords of the Fallen Red Butterflies Lantern Guide

    Remnants of lanterns outlined with red butterflies in certain areas mean that another online player has fallen to an enemy somewhere nearby in their own world. While you may be wondering what this has to do with you, it’s actually a good way to earn extra loot and XP. This is how you can activate that flashlight and fulfill its avenging task:

    How to Activate Red Butterfly Lanterns in Lords of the Fallen

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    When you see a spectral lantern surrounded by red butterflies in the area, you can activate it using your Umbral Lantern. To do this, fix the spirit lantern and use its soul flaying ability. Once you do this, you will see the red butterflies begin to guide you.

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    To be continue follow the red butterflies until you see an enemy with a peculiar name displayed over it. This enemy will have the name of the player he killed and the same red butterflies flying around him. This isn’t particularly a boss, just the enemy that killed the other player, usually one that’s a bit stronger than the average grunt. You can kill the enemy to get revenge and earn a special reward: sometimes money to buy items, such as eyeballs and coins, and some XP.

    Once you complete the Red Butterfly Lantern task, she will disappear from your world after being successfully avenged. You may come across more of these lanterns as you continue your journey through the different areas. If you’re feeling strong and want to take on enemies, it can be a great way to get some extra items and XP, but do so at your own risk.

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