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    Several faction missions in the Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ have you extracting weapon cases, which is one of the most challenging objectives in the game. The Weapon Chase mission for Tier 5 Black Mous takes this challenge to the next level, as players must extract three weapon crates without dying to complete this mission.

    How to extract three weapon crates without dying in DMZ

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    A Weapon Case has been known to spawn in every DMZ match and can be obtained by killing the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut resides in the area marked on the players’ tactical maps with a yellow circle and a briefcase. Killing a Juggernaut shouldn’t be much of a challenge for experienced players. You can kill the heavily armored bot by using explosives and showering it with bullets, however, watch out for the other AQ soldiers in the surroundings as well.

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    Once you acquire the weapon case, you will be flagged to all other operators in the DMZ and they will be able to track your current location. It is not certain that those players will come to steal your loot, but it is better to be prepared to fight in case that happens. Don’t waste time and go to the nearest exit point and try to extract successfully. You need to redo the process two more times to complete the Gun Chase mission. Remember, the mission progress will reset if you die and you will have to start over. Here are some additional tips for this mission:

    • get a good team: Before attempting this quest, it is recommended to purchase high-level gear, including a 3-Plate Vest, Large Backpack, Ammo Boxes, and Ample Armor Plates. Also, carry a powerful weapon secured, such as an AR or LMG, which you have equipped with good accessories.
    • Acquire a vehicle in advance: A vehicle will allow you to quickly reach the exfil.
    • Try the early game objective– Go for the weapon case right after deployment, as most of the players in the match will not be equipped enough to face and defeat you. Also, extraction points are usually safer early in the game.
    • Use a UAV while mining: Having a UAV killstreak can be a problem when you are waiting for exfil helo to arrive. This will alert you to any possible threats trying to ambush you.
    • Convince enemies not to fight you: You can negotiate with enemy squads trying to sabotage your exfil using proximity chat. However, be careful when doing so and don’t hesitate to fight your way out if it comes to that.

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