Portal with RTX performance & error comes out of the dark (potentially useful workaround)


    The NVIDIAs Portal with RTX is a reflection of the original’s graphics with complete Ray tracing and fresh artwork.

    It is said that almost every part of the game is upgraded with hand-crafted, high-resolution physical-based texture.

    It seems that in time, the game is unplayable and partially broken because of some issues. Thus, he doesn’t run the game well or even does open the games menu.

    Portal with RTX and crashing problems.

    Both sides of Portal do not know how it will work and do so.


    portal with rtx crashed literally as I escaped the incinerator. fuck everything im so upset. Source

    This is probably the worst ray tracing game yet. If you don’t have a 4090, do not bother me. Source

    Even launching the game or changing the changes in the graphic settings entraînes an accident.

    These crashes are accompanied by a lot of performance-related issues (1,2,3,4,5,6), as well as a low FPS, even with high-end graphics cards. Most of the time it gets stuck at 20, or at 20 FPS (1,2).

    This issue is pretty frustrating and therefore has led some players into believing the game is badly optimized.

    Potential workaround

    I have found a workaround that could help solve performance-related issues with Portal with RTX. You can get it here below.


    The affected players can then try for the moment the workaround mentioned above.

    So, the team will be able to fix them in advance so that they can play without problems.

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    An image Featured: Steam.

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