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    Watcher of Realms is one of my favorites lately because it combines the two elements I love the most: high fantasy and tower defense. And like all tower defense games, this one has many different towers at your disposal for demon slaying. As with all games of this type, not all towers are made the same, and you will want to ensure you have the best units for the job. For this purpose, we assembled a tier list to help you choose which towers you want to go for in Watcher or Realms.

    Tower units tier list for Watcher of Realms

    Tier Tower
    S Ajax, Aracha, Arrogance, Aylin, Captain Reve, Ghan, Gwendolyn, Khamet, King Harz, Nyx, Regulus, Selene, Torodor, Venoma, Volka, Zilitu
    A Abomination, Aeon, Ain, Apsan, Azhor, Calypso, Cerberus, Dolores, Eona, Eowyn, Greed, Hatssut, Hollow, Laurel, Lightlocke, Livian, Luneria, Marri, Morrigan, Nauvras, Nazeem, Nocturne, Osiren, Pyros, Raiden, Salazar, Setram, Shamir, Shamir, Silas, Soleil, Twinfiend, Valeriya, Vierna, Wrath, Zelus
    B Ai, Atrox, Brokkir, Brunor, Durza, Gluttony, Harpun, Hex, Lugaru, Magmus, Maul, Nisalt, Nissandei, Selkath, The Infernal, Valkyra, Vortex
    C Amahle, Ardeth, Ares, Aveline, Azzoth, Baron, Borut, Brienne, Cyclone, Cyrene, Daemon, Dagna, Dalyn, Deimos, Drogo, Glen, Imani, Isolde, Komodo, Laseer, Lili, Meriel, Midan, Morene, Niro, Nunea, Olague, Razaak, Rex, Tauriel, Tazira, Theowin, Titus, Voroth
    D Camille, Cyrene, Dassomi, Dreammarker, Estrid, Gale, Halder, Hayden, Janqhar, Jonas, Josh, Kaede, Liam, Lilia, Longman, Narvi, Nil, Preter, Rhutu, Rogers, Rum-Nose, Ryder, Shelor, Skreef, Vladov, Voltus, Wagrak

    All Towers in Watcher of Realms ranked

    We ranked all towers in Watcher of Realms according to how good their overall performance is compared to the cost and compared it to others. Keep in mind that you’ll need to grind harder to get better towers, as this is a gacha game. Using codes for Gems, Summoning Crystals, and Gold will help you a lot in obtaining those higher-tiered units, so make sure you get them.

    Best S-Tier Towers in Watcher of Realms


    Ajax is a Mage of Legendary rarity. He has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game called Destructive Breath, which allows him to deal 140% area-of-effect damage for five seconds, inflicting Burn status on affected enemies. He can be used with any Faction, triggering any effect of a faction you field him in.


    Ghan is one of the best Defenders in Watcher of Realms thanks to his powerful basic attack that deals area-of-effect damage to up to three different enemies. His Talent is especially useful because it allows his damage output to scale from his Defense, which increases by 2% lasting for 15 seconds each time he takes a hit from enemies.

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    Best A-Tier Towers in Watcher of Realms


    Calypso is an excellent Marksman with the ability to deal piercing damage to a single enemy using her basic attacks. Also worthy of note is her Ultimate skill, Seal Stone, which boosts her attack damage by 20%. Better yet, you can even place up to four different Seal Stones, dealing up to 80% extra damage to targeted enemy units.


    Cerberus is an excellent Fighter choice, with his basic attack dealing up to 210% Magical damage in an area of effect upon deployment. After doing so, he will summon Water of Decay at his standing location, which deals 40% area-of-effect damage to enemies surrounding him.

    Best B-Tier Towers in Watcher of Realms


    Magmus is known for his talent, which allows him to apply Magma Burst to himself every seven seconds, stacking up to three times. Once he consumes one of his stacks, his next basic attack will deal 125% extra damage with an area-of-effect spread. Besides his primary, he doesn’t have other distinguishable features, especially compared to other fighters.


    Valkyra is another Fighter that offers a few rather interesting mechanics, such as the ability to make enemies Vulnerable using her basic area-of-effect attacks. She can extend her Ultimate range by one tile by consuming a Shield if one is applied at the time of the Ultimate activation.

    Best C-Tier Towers in Watcher of Realms


    Lili is an Epic Healer and, as such, has no actual basic attacks. Instead, she uses an ability to heal allies. She also can apply Thorny Protection for 30% damage to allies and increase her Healing Multiplier by 20% when she heals allied units below 40% health, which is too low, in my opinion.


    Daemon is an Epic Fighter with a unique talent that significantly reduces the unit’s revival time. The downside is that each time he uses the ability, his deployment cost increases by 4, but he also receives a damage increase of 10%, which can stack up to two times.

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    Best D-Tier Towers in Watcher of Realms


    Cyrene is a mediocre Epic Fighter with the Ultimate ability to restore 12 cost points and apply a 10% increase of Critical Rate to two allied towers within two tiles for six seconds. She has no Talent ability at all, which is also her downside. Use this unit only until you pull something better.


    Vladov is an Epic, lycanthropic Fighter with a talent to increase his attack speed by 30% each time he takes damage. This ability lasts eight seconds and can stack up to five times. His Ultimate is quite interesting, as it allows him to gain 7% of his missing HP on each kill, making him an excellent tower for those starting out.

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