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    I remember watching Ghost Hunters with my parents as a kid, but now that I’m older, I’ve been able to relive those delightful memories in Phasmophobia. Getting three friends together to explore haunted locations and determine what type of entity is present has been a terrifying joy, but this is limited to my PC friends. With friends who want to play on Xbox, I wonder if Phasmophobia is on Xbox.

    Can you play Phasmophobia on Xbox?

    While Phasmophobia is not on consoles, including Xbox, at the time of writing, fans can expect this to change soon. Kinetic Games has confirmed an Xbox console release is coming in August 2023, topping off the summer with the most spooktacular news. It is important to note that this will be an early access launch on consoles, with no indication of when the full release will be.

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    Is Phasmophobia on Game Pass?

    There are currently no plans for Phasmophobia to come to Game Pass. So despite the newly announced Phasmophobia Xbox release, players must purchase this cooperative ghost-hunting adventure. This may change in the future, but there are no guarantees Kinetic Games will release on Game Pass, but I certainly hope it does, as this will draw in many more players.

    If it does, you can enjoy Phasmophobia as part of the subscription service. It also leaves the question of if it will be strictly Xbox Game Pass or if it will be available through PC Game Pass. We don’t have an answer, but I’m excited for a console release of Phasmophobia and can’t wait to see other updates.

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