Wartales Cursed Village Guide – Top Tips for Parties and Battles


    Things get darker once you venture into Ludern and beyond in the medieval strategy role-playing game Wartales. Cursed villages have their own rules, so read on for my full guide on how to deal with them effectively.

    Wartales Cursed Village Guide – Best Party Composition

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    Each cursed town will have the same four ruined buildings: tavern, town hall, forge, and apothecary. The first time you click on a building, you will be asked to choose a search party to investigate. This may have many members but only eight will be used in battles, so there are there is no reason to go over eight.

    Your hunt group must have 80+ willpower before entering and no more than 100 noises. Note the Total troop noise, since the higher it is, the faster they will discover you and you will have to fight to get out. Once inside a building, its noise level will increase. You will be attacked every time the noise reaches 100 (see below). Leaving town does not restore the noise level.

    You can find everything from locked chests and hidden loot to potential companions inside cursed villages, so they’re worth investigating.

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    Festival guide of the cursed town

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    There are two approaches when organizing a party in a cursed town:

    • Furtive: A light armor and high dexterity party should create fewer battles while searching for a cursed village in Wartales. However, they will be less prepared for the inevitable battles when they arrive.
    • Ready for the battle: You’ll have more fights (often as soon as you enter a room), but you’ll be well equipped to deal with danger.

    I prefer the battle ready option, although the battles are very similar. Whichever you choose, the following are the best classes to take on a cursed village:

    • ranger: Light armor, decent DPS, and high dexterity.
    • Boxer: Extremely mobile with high DPS and a good selection of attack skills.
    • Warrior: Good armor, high strength and HP, and huge damage potential (especially Berserkers).

    Finally, consider the following:

    • Strength and dexterity: You will have to perform random tasks within buildings that may require Strength or Dexterity, so make sure you have at least one companion with a high score on each.
    • Chests: You’ll probably find chests to pick locks, so pick a thief. Also, keep in mind that breaking a lockpick can increase the noise level.
    • Worth: Get a lot of courage points when you enter a cursed village. You’ll want to save your basic actions for searching during battles, so having a lot of courage means more special attacks to take out enemies.
    • Cicatrization: Poison will be your biggest problem in the cursed villages. It stacks up and you’ll probably have units you don’t want to move, so having a healer with good movement can save the day.
    • AOE: Cursed village battles always occur in close quarters. If you reach a point in the battle where an AOE attack would be useful, something is wrong. Stick to single target high damage dealers.

    How to win battles with Plague-rided

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    Once a battle with the plagued begins, the only way to win the fight is find a way out of the building. More Plagues will appear each round until you do, and your loot won’t change, so the quicker you can escape, the better off you’ll be.

    The battlefield will always be the same. You will have up to eight companions in a long building. Even if you have more than eight companions searching, only eight (chosen at random) will fight in battle. Only search partners will be in battle.so if you only bring a couple of companions that will be all you have to work with.

    There is six possible entrances to the rooms: two on each long wall and one on each short wall (see image above). The plagued will open two of these before the first turn and appear in the room. The other doors will be passed through in later turns.

    • Turn 1: 2 plagued entrances and two open.
    • Turn 2: 3-4 plagued and four open innings.
    • Turn 3: 4-6 entrances full of beaches and six open.
    • Turn 4: 6+ Plague-ravaged and more will begin to break through the unblockable ceiling.
    • Turn 5 onwards: The number of plagued will continue to increase until you are defeated or escape.

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    Block entries

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    Your priority should be to block as many entrances with tanks or melee DPS units. Start by eliminating the two plagues that appeared at the beginning of the first turn and move into the spaces they occupied, blocking those entrances. A well-placed unit at each door It will prevent more enemies from arriving.

    Please note that if you do not Only one push a unit riddled with plagues will release a poison cloud. Each grants 2 stacks of Poison to any unit that passes through them or ends their turn on them. This is particularly annoying since poison batteries and you’ll want to leave your units at the gates, where the clouds will probably be. If you leave a plagued attack first, it will always release a Poison Cloud, so pay close attention to turn order.

    Whenever possible, use abilities (not your base action) to attack. This allows the unit to help find an exit (see below). With all plague-ridden units dead or engaged, move the remaining melee units into position. blocking possible entries. Once there, they must also perform the base action Find an Exit.

    Use the Find an Exit action

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    Use special attacks to take out the plagued whenever possible, so that each unit still has its base action available. You will find the Find an output base action after your skills on the action bar. It only appears in these battles of cursed towns. You’ll want as many units to use this ability each round as possible and it doesn’t matter where they perform the action from.

    Note that a drive cannot search if it is compromised. Each unit that uses the action helps fill the bar at the top of the screen. When this bar fills, the battle will be over, regardless of the current situation with the plagued. With a full team of eight, most of whom search each round, you can escape in three or four rounds of combat.

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