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    A Short Guide to Accomplishing the Hardest Achievement: Going Out with a Bang

    Tapasya Guide: Going Out With a Bang


    “Going Out With a Bang” is currently the most difficult achievement, sitting at less than 1% completion rate as of the writing of this guide, and is beaten only by “Like a Four-Leaf Clover” in that regard. has gone Here I’ll cover where to try this penance, what gear/feats are required, what difficulty you should attempt it on, and the best strategies I’ve discovered for completing it. . Let’s begin.


    To complete this penance, there are certain things you must have, certain things you must not have, and certain things that are helpful, but ultimately optional.

    Which you must have.

    • Three cooperative, competent teammates. Do not attempt this punishment without your team’s approval.
    • Psycher, smooth and designed so that you can reliably succeed in Hersey (4) difficult missions.
    • A Heresy (4) – Difficult Heb Draco investigative mission. Preferably no modifiers. I have not yet tested whether any low-intensity Heresy missions work, nor high-intensity Malice(3) missions. The guide will be updated as more data becomes available.

    So close to greatness.

    What you must lack.

    • Any non-cooperative partner. Do not attempt this punishment without your team’s approval.
    • Waqar
    • embarrassment

    What is optional, but helpful

    • Staff, power sword, or other way to simultaneously deal damage and create threat.
    • Lower “warp resistance” stat on said weapons.
    • A weapon capable of quickly, safely dispatching hordes.
    • A predefined group of friends.
    • Voice communication.


    To begin with, one must join the research mission of Heb Draco on Herbi(4) difficulty. This penance may be as low as Malice(3), but it will actually be harder, despite the lower difficulty. Why I will go into detail later.

    Inform your team of your intention: that you want to complete the penance of “going out with a bang”, and that you will likely need their support. If someone doesn’t want to help, don’t ignore them. If your only goal is to complete penance, just leave the team and join someone else. You cannot complete this penance with an opposing teammate.

    Run the mission as normal. Don’t try to throw yourself on random elites – there’s a time and a place. Now is not the time, the place is not here. You must advance through the map, scan the three Plague Residue marks three times, advance through the map again, then scan the five Plague Residue marks on the infected “tree” twice.

    The last stretch.

    Now you come to the point where this penance can be put to the best test. As a team, clear your way to the extraction, but do not board the extraction vessel. Instead, kill everything. Make sure everyone is on the last roof, and kill everything. Eventually, almost all enemies will stop spawning, save for one last monster out of the closet.

    There are two possible sets of spawns in this monster’s closet:

    1. A small patrol of heavy husk enemies. This is what your hard clear weapon is for.
    2. Three Elites (Always Ragers? Testing still in progress.) On glitch difficulty, only two Elites will spawn, thus you need to keep at least one alive until the second set appears. This is why I recommend trying this punishment on innovation.

    Monster Closet.

    Now you can add elites, however you see fit. If you kill them prematurely, just wait for another group. If they knock you down or kill you, your teammates can kill them and revive you.

    At this point, the completion of penance is determined only by your skill, creativity and patience. You have unlimited attempts with minimum time to complete your strategy.

    My Strategy

    I don’t know what weapons you have access to or have a preference for, so, I won’t try to say which build is “best” to complete this penance. Instead, I’ll just describe my situation here and the specific strategies I used to succeed.

    First, my build. My exploits and melee weapons of choice were, in practice, irrelevant. They played no part in my successful trial. Instead, I used a Rifthaven Mk II Purgatus Force staff. For lasting damage, I used a Toughness Curio, a Health Curio, and a Wounds curio.

    What the Monster Closet was producing for me were three drag racers. The warp blast threats themselves didn’t do enough damage to kill them. Using the staff as I would usually kill them very quickly – if I trigger the ‘warp hazards’ before they die, they’ll likely die before the animation ends. gone.

    Instead, I hit them entirely with the weapon’s standard, elemental fire: a short, high stagger of flame. I couldn’t fire this attack as fast as I could at them – although it would stagger them indefinitely, it would also kill them before I outgrew my threat. . Instead, my strategy was to shoot at them about 50/50 to deal damage and just create additional threat. I loaded up targeting them early on, and when my threat got close to 100 to make sure I didn’t stack the Soulfire effect too aggressively.

    Alternating my attacks like this, I just stuck close to the Ragers (to keep their attention on me) and dodged as often as possible, until I managed to overload myself. went. This resulted, finally, in the completion of a successful penance. It took me four or five deaths (three wounds each) to develop this strategy, master it, and finally use it successfully.

    I completed this penance in a fully match made game, with no voice communication.

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