GrimGrimoire OnceMore: Trailer and release date for the game VanillaWare in Europe



    GrimGrimoire OnceMoreThe remake of the Vanilla Ware game originally released on PS2 has a new trailer its a release date in Europe, where it will arrive on April 7, 2023 on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

    As can be seen in the trailer shown above, in the game we support aspiring sorceress Lillet Blan to pass multiple tests in the Silver Star Tower.

    This is the well-known Academy of Magicia, where, in contrast, many mysterious and dark things are hidden. In the gameplay combining turn-based and real-time, we watch several other creatures and spells, enchantments and special techniques, and get started to achieve different objectives. The protagonist can now be placed a full-fledged sorceress.

    In this new version, one of the most popular things will be found: the following:

    These can be used to expand characters Gallery Mode with various illustrations New cast of voice actors New cast of voice actors new characters.



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