Vampire Survivors is getting Contra DLC next month, a PS5 release this summer


    Vampire Survivors will hit PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this summer, developer Ponkel has revealed. Before that, though, Vampire Survivors will cross over with Contra in Operation Guns on May 9, a new DLC featuring characters, weapons and more from the series.

    It was revealed during today’s Triple-i Initiative Showcase with a new trailer showing what the Contra in Vampire Survivors looks like, and perhaps to no one’s surprise, it looks great. The trailer also reveals that PlayStation players can play Vampire Survivors this summer. The game is already available on Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

    Check out the Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns and PlayStation reveal trailer below.:

    As you can see, Operation Guns looks like an interesting expansion of weapons, characters, enemies and more for Vampire Survivors. And it’s right around the corner, hitting the game on Xbox, PC, and Switch on May 9th. It will likely be available from the jump when Vampire Survivors hits PlayStation platforms later this summer.

    In the meantime, Read on Informant in the game Vampire Survivors Review.

    Are you excited for Vampire Survivors Contra DLC? Let us know in the comments below!


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