Valve issues a dire warning to CS2 cheaters.


    Cheats are a current problem in multiplayer shooters, but then again, they’ve always been. It’s an annoying feature of online play, and even though Titans is pulling out all the stops to prevent it from happening, some people feel it’s not enough.

    Fans of the likes of Warzone have been dealing with the nightmare for so long that it’s become an annoying addition rather than a habit that can be stopped – most opting to turn off cross-play to avoid the deluge of hackers. do

    Now, it looks like another game is going old school with its solution. Despite Counter-Strike 2 being a brand new arrival on the scene, it seems there’s no such thing as good, old-fashioned, threat.

    Counter Strike 2 is coming for cheaters and their allies.

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    After a surprise launch from Valve that caught fans off guard, Counter Strike 2 is finally here. Hoping to nip problems in the bud before things start to resemble Warzone, Valve is quickly coming up with a threat for cheaters they can’t forget.

    A single brutal line of the game reads the release noteWhen one or more party members are found guilty of cheating and permanently banned, all their teammates will be penalized with a loss of profile rank and CS rating.

    While this will undoubtedly serve as a deterrent for those teaming up as a rogue squad, the vagueness of the message is a concern for many – and it’s causing players to panic. Is.

    What is an ‘Associate’ in Counter Strike 2?

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    It’s hard to determine what Valve means by this statement – does it mean that players on cheaters’ friend lists will also be punished? Will their team members suffer, even without intentionally matchmaking players?

    It takes some trial and error to figure out, but it means players will feel irritated even without being part of a cheater’s party. It stinks for some, but maybe we’ll see that prevention actually works.

    After CS2’s beta locked out CS:GO cheaters, Valve is taking a no-nonsense approach to cheating. To be honest, we’ll take any new idea, because whatever matchmaking we have in games right now isn’t quite working.


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