VALORANT’s next agent leaked as codenamed Giraffe.



    Several new agents joined VALORANT and fell straight to the bottom of the pile.

    The likes of Neon, Harbour, KAY/O, Fade, and now Gekko haven’t made much of an impact, after a rather hyped initial entry with their beloved sidekick, and the five most recently added agents of the last six currently sit in the bottom nine agents in the entire game in terms of pick rate.

    Only Deadlock breaks this curse.

    But another role is soon on the cards for VALORANT, and it’s not one that’s used to being at the bottom, but always at the top.

    VALORANT’s next agent is codenamed ‘Giraffe’

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    All agents arrive at VALORANT after being given a code name. It acts as a tag to hide the real name of the agent. For example, before the chamber was added, he was codenamed “Deadeye” in the files, which served as an insignia for his sniper kit.

    Before Episode 7 Act 2, It has been leaked that the next agent to come will be “Code Name Giraffe”.

    The famous Vellore Lakes A now-deleted tweet posted about a possible incoming agent also hinted that the folder could be quite old, leaving us to speculate whether the codenamed Giraffe is the incoming agent or has been scrapped.

    What could be the code name for the giraffe’s heroic abilities?

    With codenames usually alluding to agents’ abilities, many players have begun to joke that the character will have a unique skill through his unusually large neck.

    However, more serious comments suggested that higher animal natures could create astra-like abilities where they could see above the map.

    This can be through a similar vertical approach or by having Cypher-esque cameras close up at high altitudes.

    Although codenamed Giraffe should be included, it certainly adds another vertical dynamic to VALORANT, and it could also be an opportunity for an African character to add an homage to the safari with clothing styles and costumes.



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