Ubisoft is taking away your purchased games.



    Ubisoft has offered up some pretty disturbing reminders of the pitfalls of digital gaming. His attitude to the annulment of Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Dark enough, it was stripped from the digital storefront and never allowed players to pick it up again.

    It’s a very sad behavior that threatens the preservation of the video game, and for fans of the franchise it leaves a hole that players will never be able to fill. Now, it looks like Ubisoft is ready to make you lose your games once again. This is the digital revolution.

    Ubisoft is going to steal your games back.

    As a fresh reminder of the fact that you never really are. own Digital Games Now, Ubisoft is getting ready to kill its inactive accounts – but it’s robbing accounts of the games they’ve paid for in the process.

    Players have reportedly been issued an email if they are deemed to have an inactive account. If they do not click on the link they are given, their account will be terminated. And yes, their games will be lost in the process.

    Ubisoft always seems to be the first to attack the protection of games that players already own, and it’s disappointing that it isn’t more enthusiastic about the hard work that has gone into creating the games that have made Ubisoft such a big name.

    Ubisoft ‘doesn’t want’ to take your games.

    From the UbisoftSupport Twitter account, Ubisoft itself has chimed in to express its stance on the party itself. “We just want to point out that you can avoid account closure by logging into your account within 30 days (of receiving the email pictured) and selecting the Cancel account closure link in the email,” it says.

    “We certainly don’t want you to lose access to your games or account so please create a support case with us if you have any problems logging in.” Even though the company claims it doesn’t want to take away your games, it’s going to do it anyway. Make sure your account is airtight, or you’re in trouble.



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