Travel Songs, an interesting game about immigration, is now on N.

    • Guns of Travel, an interactive graphic novel by Causa Creations, is now on Android.
    • A planned iOS release is sadly still stuck in review, but still intended.
    • You can now watch Journey Songs on Google Play.

    Guns of Travel, an animated graphic novel game from developers Causa Creations, is now available on Android. The previously announced iOS release has sadly been stuck in review, though Causa still plans to release the game when it is finally, hopefully, approved.

    Song of Travel presents itself as part game and part animated graphic novel, exploring the lives of five immigrants from different walks of life, challenging each player to navigate immigration. Look at the concept of and their perceptions of it differently. The narrative is linked to the works of late cartoonist Jake Guttman, who also helped develop the hit game Path Out with Kaza Creations.

    You will discover the stories of Roshni, Vaan, Michelle, Hasan and Olya. All are people from different backgrounds whose stories are beautifully told through Gutman’s interactive presentation. The game also features a specially composed soundtrack by renowned Northern Irish composer Alain Agnew.

    Interactive enough?

    While we admit that the concept and theme behind the song journey is very compelling, a part of us wonders if it will be interactive enough. The idea of ​​an interactive graphic novel isn’t new, and while it’s a great idea to encourage readers to engage more with what they’re reading, it sits in an awkward place for us game-wise.

    Still, we can’t fault the effort that went into it with beautiful art and music, and hope that those who play travel songs take away something important from a game that deals with such an important subject. Is.

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