Top footballers in clash of clauses answer Erling Holland.


    Three top footballers take a hilarious look at the top striker’s collaboration with Supercell.

    • Erling Holland’s big collaboration with Supercell has earned hilarious jabs from other top players.
    • Sergio Aguero, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (the original) have all taken to Insta to joke around.
    • As we speculated last week, are they testing the waters for more collaborations?

    Clash of Clans’ Erling Haaland collab has earned a number of (good-natured) jabs from three top footballers. Famous faces Sergio Aguero, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (the original) made official tie-in videos posted on their own Instagrams that took Mickey out of Holland and announced that he should have been selected for the promotion earlier.

    As we noted last week, this is probably one of the few times we’ve seen a tie-in appearance with our trailer. But for footy fans in the Netherlands – and other top performers in professional football – it might be worth the wait. All three provide their own humorous take on Holland’s highly successful collaboration with Supercell’s superior RTS. You can check. Posts On each one of the player Instagram!

    It’s all Holland.

    The large amount of tie-in content that Supercell pulled from the Haaland collab is something we’ve commented on. This is the first time a real person has appeared in the game, so it’s no surprise that Supercell wants to make the most of Haaland’s appearance.

    But, notably, they are also bringing in other footballers. As we speculated in the announcement post, are these comments testing the waters for a possible further appearance? We can’t guess either way, but given how popular Holland’s turn as the Barbarian King has been in Clash, it’s unlikely.

    Luckily for Clash fans, there’s no need to worry because even if you’re tired of Haaland’s appearance you can always anticipate the upcoming release of Squad Busters, Supercell’s first global launch in years. are

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