How to Become an R&B Artist in BitLife


    Embarking on the path of an R&B artist in BitLife is a journey like no other. If you have ever dreamed of singing songs like Beyoncé or Michael Jackson, this guide is for you. Read on to discover the unique steps to becoming a virtual superstar in BitLife.

    How to become a musician in BitLife

    First of all, becoming a musician in BitLife is a premium feature and you need to purchase the job pack to follow the path. You can buy the DLC for $10 from the game store.

    After getting the pack, the next step is to create a new life. Create any character of your choice and if you have god mode DLC try to provide the musical trait to your character in the custom character creation menu.

    How to take voice lessons in BitLife

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    After creating your character, the next step is to take voice lessons. Once you turn 8Go to the mind body section and choose the voice lessons option. Your parents will automatically pay for classes upon seeing your interest. If not, you can always work part-time to pay expenses. I recommend gardening or accounting as it is the easiest of all.

    Continue training your voice every year by visiting the same menu. When you finish high school, you will have a 60% to 80% voice ability rating. Although this is enough, I suggest pushing it even further by joining the Chorus either geek club in high school, which will push the meter to 85% or even 90%.

    How to Become an R&B Singer in BitLife

    The next step is to get an R&B contract as an artist. After you graduate from high school and have a voice skills rating of around 80% or higher, go to the Special Jobs package in the Jobs category and click Music option. Start giving auditions like soloist or singer. Immediately, she will begin receiving contracts from multiple studios for genres such as folk, country, R&B and rap. Select only a contract that allows you to become an R&B artist and sign up to start producing music. That’s all! You have become an R&B artist in BitLife.

    How to change music genres in BitLife

    At any time, if you feel that you need a change of style when singing, you can always change the musical genre. To do this, click on the Abandon option to terminate his existing music contract for the R&B genre and begin auditioning again as a solo artist. Choose a new contract and pursue her ambitions in that field.

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