Top 25 Best Looking Games for Android Phones and Tablets


    Updated on May 30, 2024. – Changed 2 games.

    “We don’t care about the graphics, it’s the gameplay that counts.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a video game play with words to that effect. thought so.

    We at PG have no truck with such an approach. Certainly, gameplay is the core component of any title. But to say that visuals don’t matter is to fundamentally misunderstand the medium.

    Video games are an inherently visual medium, albeit with due props to those who go above and beyond with their accessibility options, not to mention the small subset of games that are audio-only.

    Basically, though, it’s a medium made up of tiny pixels and polygonal bricks. How we see them is important to how we interact with them.

    These are the most beautiful Android games in 2023.

    The real problem is how those graphics render the gameplay. There are many beautiful games that play like dogs and vice versa.

    Each of the following Android games are beautiful in their own way. Some are lavish 3D affairs, while others go with a more artistic hand-drawn 2D look. Still, others are strikingly abstract, and wouldn’t look out of place in an art book.

    Of course, like all art, much of it is subjective. Let us know your personal picks in the comments section below.

    Original post from June Mundy, updated by Jupiter Headley.


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