Palia Hotpot minigame guide: how to win, location and prizes


    After a long day of meetings and crafting in the cozy MMO Palia, it’s nice to relax. A great way to do this is with their Hotpot minigame, so read on to learn everything you need to know about Hotpot.

    How to win the Palia Hotpot minigame

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    The Palia Hotpot minigame is a set collection card game It is played in a variable number of rounds and by up to four players. To join a game, simply approach a table to receive an in-game message (information on table location can be found below). If you are first at a table, a short timer will start during which other players can join (up to four players). Any space not occupied by players will be played by some (pretty useless) AI players, so don’t worry.

    When the game begins, each player will be dealt eight cards. Yours will be at the bottom of the screen (see A, above), and although they will be face up to you, the other players won’t know which ones they are. The players take turns clockwise around the table, taking a card and then anyone discard a card or end the game.

    When it is your turn to draw a card, you can take one of the best face up cards from another player’s discard pile (B, above). Alternatively, you can take a card blind from the top of the draw pile (in the middle of the discard piles). Next, if you haven’t won (see below), you must discard any of your nine cards by clicking on it.

    When your turn comes, you have 30 seconds take and then discard a card. If you don’t draw, you the turn will simply be skipped. If you draw but do not discard within 30 seconds, the The card you drew will be discarded..

    While playing, you have four non-game-related options to select during your and the other players’ turns, found in the lower right corner of the screen:

    • Consult discards: This is great for counting cards, as you can see all the cards that have already been played.
    • Examine– Get a close-up of your hand, if you play on a small screen or have vision problems.
    • Abandon: Leave the table early. You won’t get any rewards but the game will continue without you.
    • Tutorial: Consult a guide of very basic rules.

    End of the game and score.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    you can only finish the game (selecting ‘Let’s Eat’) if you have three sets of three identical cards. You will have nine cards at that time, not eight, as will not discard on your turn if you finish the game. If no one has won after 30 rounds, the game will automatically end and everyone will score their sets.

    Each player earns rewards, but you will get a nice bonus for winning (see all rewards above). Exact sets of three are premium and are the only way to finish the game. However, if you don’t win, you will get points for each identical set you have collected but also for any set of three whose color matches, even if the food it contains does not. These score half as much, but still work pretty well, so it’s best to keep them while you try to get a completely identical set, if possible.

    Where to find the Palia Hotpot minigame

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    There are two locations where you can find the Hotpot minigame. The original location is in the Maji Marketbut this is only accessible in the Fairgrounds during special events. A second location, in Zeki’s Underground Black MarketIt was introduced as part of patch 0.180.

    When the Fairgrounds are open, you will be able to access them through the southeastern end from the Kilimar Valley map (A, above). It is usually only open around the Lunar New Year. Zeki’s Black Market can be accessed through the back of Zeki’s Shop (B, above) or through the sewer inlet (C).

    If you are not familiar with the entrances to Zeki’s underground black market, I have marked the secret entrances below.

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    • Sewers: Simply go to the location marked on the map above by following the path along the water side and enter the sewer grate.
    • The secret door in Zeki’s shop.: Go behind the shop counter, follow the linear hallway and you will reach a dead end. Approach the bookshelf marked above and use the book to enter.

    Please note that Fairgrounds Hotpot tables, where available, and tables at Zeki’s Black Market, are only open for play from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am game time. If you have already started a game when the clock strikes three, you will be able to complete the game as usual.

    All the prizes of the Hotpot minigame – Palia

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    By playing the Hotpot minigame at the fairgrounds, you will be rewarded with Tickets for the fairwhile playing in Zeki’s Black Market will reward you with Gold. In both cases, playing the game is free and there are no way you can lose money. As you’ll see in the image above, even though I was one card short of winning, I still got 180 gold.

    Your prize depends on How many games do you collect?how many other players collectand How good are the sets?. At the fairgrounds you’ll also get a bonus for having the winning hand, as well as a bonus at the table based on how well everyone competed. At Zeki’s, you will only get your rewards.

    • Tickets: Each trio has 120 tickets and each trio has 60 tickets (you only get the highest amount). The winning bonus is 360 tickets.
    • Gold: Each trio is worth 30 gold and each trio in a category is worth 15 gold (you only get the higher amount). The bonus for winning is 90 gold.

    Everyone scores the sets of all participating losing players., including the winner, but only the winner scores their own sets. In the example above, the rest of the table got 5 sets for which I also got Gold, but only I got the 90 Gold bonus for my three identical sets.

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