This Genshin Comparison Infographic Will Get You Up to Speed ​​on Wuthering Waves Terminology


    For Genshin Impact players considering Wuthering Waves as the next big gacha game, the difference in terminology can be a little confusing. We gacha players spend many hours learning the names of various items and currencies, as well as the history of the games we love. Before you load up Wuthering Waves for the first time, there’s a great infographic you should check out.

    Wuthering Waves name infographic to Genshin Impact

    Image via @Lystyz, original @kuripuutk

    Shared on redditbut originally created by a TikTok user @kuripuutkThis infographic directly compares the main elements and part names of the game that Genshin Impact players will be familiar with.

    For example, Primogems, which are used to replenish resin in Genshin Impact, are known as Astrite in Wuthering Waves. astrite is used to replace corrugated plate. Genshin players will know that Resin plays an important role in the game as it allows you to earn Ley Line Blossoms challenge rewards. Petrified trees and Trounce flowers. Resin can also be used for event-exclusive challenges.

    Waveplate will therefore allow Wuthering Waves players to access challenge rewards – an important part of any gacha game if you want to level up quickly and get some materials to use when leveling up your characters and items.

    Are there new items in Wuthering Waves that don’t appear in Genshin Impact?

    Screenshot via KURO GAMES

    Genshin Impact has never had a separate currency for drawing weapons from its banners. Wuthering Waves, on the other hand, will introduce a new way to obtain special weapons from banners.

    Instead of using bright tide either radiant tide (the equivalent of Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate), players will have to use forging tide to draw from special weapons posters. This weapon cartel-exclusive currency means you won’t need to use your other Tides to try and get new weapons.

    You can also obtain Echoes, which are creatures that can be equipped to your characters to provide them with different stat boosts. They function similarly to artifacts, rather than weapons.

    Can I get free items as a new player?

    Image via KURO GAMES

    The team behind Wuthering Waves is offering plenty of ways to obtain items during the game’s first month of release (May 22 to June 22, 2024).

    Like Genshin and Honkai, you can use your Twitch account to earn rewards by watching and subscribing to streamers who play.

    As you can see above, there is also an event between May 29 and June 6, 2024, where you can use Echoes to try to find a five-star one for free. I didn’t get any five stars, so I chose an Echo that I liked. You should choose the highest number one of the ones you get to get the best stats.

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