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    As Abiotic Factor’s player base grows, so does the demand on its servers. Maybe it’s time to set up your own dedicated server, or maybe even rent one from a third party. This guide will explain how to host a dedicated server for Abiotic Factor.

    How to host a dedicated server for Abiotic Factor

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    Abiotic Factor Dedicated Server, a dedicated server tool available on Steam, allows you to run your own dedicated server for Abiotic Factor. Please note that in its current version it only supports features for Windows and the instructions in this guide will not work for other operating systems.

    Server installation

    You will need to download and configure the Abiotic Factor dedicated server tool through Valve’s Steam server tool, SteamCMD.

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    1. Discharge SteamCMD and install it on your system.
    2. Run the SteamCMD executable file (SteamCMD.exe).
    3. Once opened, log in to an anonymous Steam account by typing ‘log in anonymous‘ and pressing enter.
    4. The Abiotic Factor dedicated server tool can be downloaded and installed by typing:
      app_update 2857200 validate‘ and pressing enter.
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    Server configuration

    Open the folder where the server files are installed (this will be the same location as the SteamCMD installation by default) and follow the instructions below:

    1. Start by creating a new .txt file and naming it ‘RunServer.txt‘.
    2. Move the file to \ (Server Installation) \ AbioticFactor \ Binaries \ Win64 \
    3. Open the newly created ‘Run server‘file and enter the following: AbioticFactorServer-Win64-Shipping.exe -log -newconsole -useperfthreads -NoAsyncLoadingThread -MaxServerPlayers=6 -PORT=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -ServerPassword=YourServerPassword -SteamServerName="Your Server Name"
    4. Replace ‘Yourserverpassword‘ with the password you want players to use to log into your server.
    5. Replace “Your server name” with the name under which you want your server to appear.
    6. Near ‘RunServer.txt‘and change the name’RunServer.bat‘. This should now allow you to double-click the file to run the server. Look at this now.
    7. If the server opens correctly, close it and use your file explorer to navigate to \ (Server Installation) \ AbioticFactor \ Saved \ SaveGames \ Server \ Admin.ini. Open this file and add your Steam ID in [Moderators].
    8. Wear ‘Run server‘ again. If you cannot see the server in the Abiotic Factor server browser, you will need to open the ports.7777‘ and ‘27015‘ on your router or firewall to ensure that the necessary information can flow to and from your server. (See below for more information.)
    9. Your server should now be ready to accept incoming connections from other players.

    How to open the required ports

    Locate the Forwarding of ports either virtual server configuration area of ​​your router by logging into the router management interface. Make two separate entries using UDP as protocol for ports’7777‘ and ‘27015‘. Exit router settings after saving changes.

    In cases where your router does not allow port forwarding, you may need to upgrade to another router or contact your Internet provider/router.

    If it still doesn’t work, or you just don’t feel like following the steps above, you can always rent a server through:

    All third party server providers for Abiotic Factor

    There are several third-party companies that provide Abiotic Factor private servers for a monthly fee between $5 USD and $10 USD. The most popular are:

    • Bisected housing
    • Gportal
    • Logical servers
    • Survival servers

    Simply navigate to any of the listed company pages using a search engine, locate their Abiotic Factor section, and click to order. You will be given options that allow you to customize the server location, billing cycle, server hardware power, and all game mechanics.

    I personally use Logic Servers for my server with friends and despite some issues at first related to setting up the server name and password, their dedicated support team fixed it quickly and efficiently.

    Benefits of using third-party servers

    To justify their monthly fee, third-party servers have a number of benefits that you don’t get when you host them yourself.

    1. The server owner does not have to be logged in for other players to join.
    2. If something goes wrong (for example, you drop a critical story element somewhere out of bounds), you can reload the server from the last backup.
    3. You can modify many of the game’s mechanics to make things easier or harder as you wish.

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