These two games definitely merit playing on Game Pass in the next 10 days if you’re not included in your subscription



    The Game Pass subscription will lose nine games on the end of December, and this time a lot of really good projects are leaving the subscription. We rarely recommend each other to the passage, but instead we consider it necessary to advise you to play the game Gorogoa or Outer Wilds before they are removed from the subscription.


    Gorogoa is a puzzle game that has gained a lot of popularity since the release of GamePass. The application did not pay much attention to the subscription, but when it became popular, the Microsoft gaming company became very popular.

    Gorogoa is a truly unique game that is worth a lot of money when a subscription is offered. In the decade ahead the loss of the game, it is completely possible for it to pass the passage in only a few hours.

    Outer Wilds

    Outer Wilds is a sure-not-so-to-be-noned game of any kind without a Game Pass subscription, especially if you don’t have that on your account (so many Xbox One players bought it for free). The show was named Best and Original Game in the 2020 British Academy Video Games Awards. A fan of the game, he was very excited by critics and gamers alike. It was one of the few made available on Game Pass twice (over a year).

    Outer Wilds is a test game about the planet system that dies every 22 minutes. The passage of Outer Wilds takes from ten hours. It’s definitely worth it to give that time for the next ten days, but remains in the subscription.

    That there are really many good games left out on Game Pass at the end of December, and that is one of the only two of them, which certainly cost a try.



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