Elon Musk confirms plans to quit Twitter as CEO


    Against the opening of a survey with 17.5 million users on Twitter, the majority of respondents supported Elon Musks’ refusal to work a director in the position of its chief executives. There were different sources today saying that the CEO of Twitter began to seek a successor before the poll – today Musk confirmed that he wanted to obey the people’s voice, but only when he announced the new candidate for the post of head of the company.

    Source: Getty Images, Peter Parks, AFP.

    The niggling conclusion of this is that Elon Musk spoke very vaguely about the timing of such changes, explaining he must find someone who’s too stupid to do that work. After appointing a successor, Musk himself is ready to focus on managing the team of specialists in the management of Twitter software and server infrastructure. In other words, Elon Musk doesn’t even think about the complete removal of the company’s operations.

    Image Source: Twitter, Elon Musk.

    According to the release of CNBC on the end of the search for a successor even before the poll, Elon Musk cryptically responded with two laughing emoticons. From the recent statements made by the current Twitter executive, the success is considered to be the perfect path for recovery. He said that the difficulty is posing a general director in appointing a person who can guarantee the viability of the company.

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