There looks like the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass is getting faster, and fans are now back on their feet


    Another day, another snafu called Overwatch 2 that has left many in the community with arms. Since the first phase of Season 2, the players are seeing less experience towards their Battle Pass progression when completing matches. The odd part is that the game shows you what you would’ve earned before in Season 1, but the bar doesn’t move as much as it should. You still get the same amount for each challenge, but you get off in the game to pass you a match.

    We still don’t take a very big look at the experience we earn at the end of the game, but decided to change our mind to view the impact of what we can get to the end of the game. We finished the Competitive-Tief which said we should have earned over 1.200 points, but our progress meter increased to just about 500.

    Players take to Reddit and the Overwatch Forums to note they’re progressing through their Battle Pass in Season 2 faster than they did previously. Some are accusing Blizzard of lowering the experience you got when Ramattra was moved to be unlocked at tier 45 instead of 55 starting on December 6th. Since it launched in October, we can say that isn’t definitively the cause, but still do notice that Overwatch 2 has seen many bugs in its history. With the start of season 2, Blizzard had to push through a hotfix to patch the new map of Shambali Monastery because players went out of bounds. In addition to the Hanzos film, the animation has been completely off since that time.

    They did something that would be similar for three weekends to get them out of the early stages.


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