The Great lorries are escaping Civilization and advanced in latest Leader Pack



    The next DLC pack for Civilization IV: Leader Passgreat Commanders is now available! Take your troops to victory with the Great Commanders Pack, which includes Tokugawa, Nader Shah, and Suleiman the Magnificent. See the first lookhere in order to show you the precise details behind the leaders himself.


    Tokugawa Ieyasu was a dependable military and peacetime strategist who founded the Tokugawa shogunate after the Sekigahara war ending Japan’s chaotic Sengoku period. His early Japanese Sakoku agenda, inspired by the similar name-editorial order made by his grandson, is not suitable for civilizations that have conquered all the original capitals of Civilizations.

    The old capability comes to Bakuhan.

    • (Base game) International Trade Routes receive -25% Yield and Tourism, but domestic Trade Routes provide +1 Culture, +1 Science, and +1 Gold in every Specialty District at the destination.
    • (Base game) Cities within 6 ft of Japans capital receive +4 Amenities and after doing a flight, receive +4 Tourism for every district.
    • International Trade Routes receive -15% Yield and Tourism, but Domestic Trade Routes give +1 Culture, +1 Science, and 2 Gold for every Specialty District at the destination.
    • The City within 6 floors of Japan’s capital are 100% loyal and after researching Flight receive +1 Tourism for every district.

    Nader Shah (Persia)

    He was a slave who had declared himself Shah. Named for his elite infantry musketeers, his Jazayerchi agenda means that he likes Civilizations with a lot of land units and dislikes those with few land units.

    New Ability: The Word of Persia.

    • +5 Combat Strengths attack full Health Units.
    • The cities who are not founded by Nader Shah get -2 and -3 Gold from their own home trading route.

    Suleiman was a great-sister (Ottoman Empire) in a very good deal.

    As the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman personally led Ottoman armies and made the most of the Turkish law changes. He was a well-known poet and arts lover and oversaw a golden age of culture development. Moreover, he likes other civilizations like Golden Ages.

    New Ability: The greatst

    • (+15%) Science and culture when it comes to Golden Age.
    • +4 Combat Force when no one is in a Golden Age but when no civilizations are in the same age as humankind.

    Civilization VI: Leader Pass is a new season pass that adds 18 new playable leader selections to the sonicization V. The sonicization VI: Leader Pass content is going to be delivered via six DLC packs, that are scheduled for release June 2023 on Windows PC via Steam and Epic, MacOS via Steam and the Mac App Store and iOS.



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