The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 5 and 6


    The Squire’s Tale is an AE Mysteries point-and-click puzzle RPG. The fantasy-themed plot sees our two companions, Cedrick the Knight and his squire Martin, setting off on an epic adventure to save the realm from evil (what else?). The combination of Cedrick’s brawn and Martin’s brains have got them this far but more demanding challenges are sure to come. So if you’re stuck on any of the puzzles or solutions, read on for my full walkthrough of chapters five and six of The Squire’s Tale. 

    The Squire’s Tale Guide – Adventure Escape Mysteries 

    Chapter Five sees our heroes teaming up with a new companion, Nira, as they sail to an island in frozen Mittenheim in search of the Sword of Light. Remember that if you do get stuck on any of the puzzles you can use any remaining stars you have available (top right of the screen) to get clues. However, I’ve walked through the entire chapters step by step below if you want to save them or have run out of hints.

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    This guide specifically covers chapters five and six of the game, so if you’re looking for earlier or later sections please head over to my The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough hub page where you’ll find links to guides for all the other chapters.

    Chapter 5 – Mittenheim and the Freezing Curse

    Image by MyFullGames

    Pick up the Ice Scraper (a1) and use it on the metal crate (a2), which you can then open to find you’ll need to repair three electric boards via a connections puzzle. See the solutions below. In the first one, I just needed to connect the 1 in the top right down to the 2 below. In the second, the five on the right to the one below it. 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Take the Letter from the door of the general store (a3) and click it to read it, noting the pin code. Now click the store window, where you can deduce the numbers for the pin code by matching the symbols on the price tags, giving you 3584

    Click the snowman (a4) and take the Buttons, then select the machine in front of the bank (a5). Add the buttons to it, enter the code 3584, and get the parcel containing the General Store Key. Select the store’s door (a3) for a close-up of the inside and take the Shovel. Back outside use the shovel on the snow in front of the house (a6) and then go inside. 

    Learning the Potion Ingredients

    Image by MyFullGames

    Open the box (b1) and take the Candle and Field Guide Page, get the Jar Opener from the shelf (b2), take a second Field Guide Page from the floor (b3), then click the panel on the front of the desk (b4) to get a third Field Guide Page and the Storage Key. Use the key to open the chest (b5) and take the Fishing Rod and Ice Drill. Now you can select the field guide folder (b6) and add the pages to collect the Field Guide.

    Using the Field Guide you can deduce the ingredients you need. The blackboard (b7) shows four ingredients you can’t have (in red), while the line above shows what will work, and the paper taped to the wall next to the blackboard shows the chemical reactions. 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    The third (for the pink potion) chemical symbol matches with the lightning bolt, while using the book you’ll find mixing Shimmer Fish, Hatch Flower, and Croaen Berries will give you the rest of the ingredients required. Enter their symbols onto the blackboard (see the solution on the blackboard above).

    Head outside and return to the general store, using the jar opener on the jar on the table to get some Jerky. Back outside, give the jerky to the dog that has appeared outside the bank, who will then move to the sign at the back of the scene. Click the dog once more to follow it to the lake.

    The Lake

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the Christmas tree (c1) to get a Shiny Ornament. Use the ice drill on the ice (c2) and add the fishing rod to the clip (c3). Attach the ornament and you’ll soon catch some Shimmer Scales.

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    Click the basket of berries (c4) to start a game with the Magic Snowman. Click the marked arrows to complete the battles (see images below). Once you’ve completed the three battles, the snowman will give you the Crosen Berries

    Image by MyFullGames
    Image by MyFullGames
    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the purple plant (c5) to find out that it needs to be heated to be of any use to you. Head back into town and into the general store, and use the candle on the fire to get a Lit Candle. Return to the lake, use the candle on the plant, and take the Hatch Flower.  

    Making the Potion

    Back in the lab, take the chemical (b8) from the desk and add it to the pot (b9). Add the other three ingredients from your inventory, and then click the pot again for a close-up. You now need to configure the pot and get the Defrosting Potion

    • Password: Top left, all three middle, bottom right (from the places visited on the map)
    • Temperature: 238 (from the times and minute symbols on the clocks)
    • Moisture setting: 2 (from the two blue beads on the light fitting)

    Head outside and use the potion on the Yeti Scholar, then the ones in the general store and by the lake. Return to the scholar and they will guide you to the altar.

    The Altar

    Image by MyFullGames

    Grab the Ice Pick (d1) and then click the backpack (d2) to open it and then take the Rope. Take the Ox Statue (d3), use the rope to get the Penguin Statue (d4), and use the pick to get the Frog Statue (d5). Now you can click the scales (d6) and add the three statues, then the pick and rope, and finally the backpack itself. Click the altar to cross over the bridge to it and complete Chapter Five.

    Chapter 6 – The Forgotten Forest

    Image by MyFullGames

    After the initial chat with Kruk ends, click the left of the screen (e1) to move to the river. After more chit-chat, pick up the Stick (f1) and the Dead Fish (f2), then take a Tattered Shirt from the tree (f3). 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Return to the first screen, put the stick next to the torch (e2), add the shirt, and collect the Lit Torch.  With the torch selected in your inventory, click the right of the screen (e3) to move further into the woods.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the cobwebs (g1) to start a web mini-game. In the image below, I just need to move the final tile into the top-left space.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Once the spider has gone, use the torch to remove the webs (g1) and then receive some Spider Webs. Next, click the rope ladder below the door (g2) to get a bit of a surprise…

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the area under the hut (h1) for a close-up of the spinning wheel. Click the pedal on the shelves on the left, add it to the spinning wheel, and then add the spider webs to the spinning wheel to get Spider Silk. While in the close-up also collect the Dried Mushrooms, and then add them to the pot on the right to get Mushroom Powder. Add the powder to the pot on the left and a scroll will appear on the right. Pick up the Magic Scroll.

    The Witch’s Hut

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Back on the main screen, put the dead fish on the floor (h2) to attract the cat and get the Tumbler. Select the spider silk in your inventory and add it to the bow (h3) to also get the Shortbow. Use the shortbow on the coiled ladder (h4), dropping it within reach, and allowing you to take the Dreamcatcher (h5). 

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    Select the crows (h6) for a close-up of them, noting the amount of crows around each of the letters in the trees, which gives you a five-letter word. Now click the box (h7), add the tumbler to complete the lock, and enter the combination (LOVED) to open it and get the Wand

    Head back to the dam and place the dreamcatcher in the tree (f4), then give the magic scroll to Oakley (f5). Once he translates the spell for you, select the wand in your inventory and click the dam (f6) to cast it. Once Kruk has smashed the dam, he’ll open the gate.

    Nightcap Gully

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the windmill door (i1) for a close-up and take the Hand Rake. Click the daisies and pick up the Bow Drill, and the orange shelf to get the Garden Gloves. On the main screen take the Mill Lever (i2), then use the gloves to pick some Stinkweed (i3). Click the door again (i1) and use the mill lever to the left of the table (see below).

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Select the creature (i4) for a close-up and use the rake on its nose to get some Moss. Add the moss to the campfire and use the drill to light it, scaring off the flies. Click the hole you got the moss from with the stinkweed selected to wake up the Ancient Tortoise. After a brief talk, use the stinkweed to wake it up again (several times!) to discover the Path of Storms shortcut location. After your conversation, collect the Moon Mushrooms (i5, in the close-up) and use them on the fire to get Dried Moon Mushrooms

    Go back to the door close-up (i1) and grind the mushrooms to get Moon Powder. With the powder selected, click the rotating sails (i6) of the windmill to reveal a mushroom path. Click it to move forward to a route puzzle.

    The path you need to take is below. Note that some moves take you multiple spaces powered by the wind symbols. My indicators below are the direction to choose from the space you land on after each move

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Right, down, right, left twice to the bottom red mushroom (lightning),
    • Right, right, right, up, right to the cream mushroom (lightning),
    • Left, left, up, up, left to the purple mushroom (lightning),
    • Right, right, right, up, left to the top red mushroom (lightning),
    • Down, down, right, up, right, and out.

    The Pond of Remembrance

    Image by MyFullGames

    Use the moon powder on the torch (k1) to reveal the image above. Click the six frogs (k2), who will jump onto lilypads, then click each of them once on the pads (in the correct order) to make them stand up. You can get the order by comparing the pattern on their lillypads to the symbols glowing in the trees: You need to click a tree (k3) for a close-up to see the order: Orange, Blue, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink

    The sword will rise from the water, and you’ll use the pendant to activate another puzzle. Select the symbols marked below to recreate the runes: And with that, you’ll be done with Chapter Six of The Squire’s Tale!

    Image by MyFullGames
    Image by MyFullGames
    Image by MyFullGames

    To conclude The Squire’s Tale, use my The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 7 and 8 right here at MyFullGames!


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