The SIMS 4 Holiday Deal comes with Stuff Pack, DLC Discounts, and more



    Your favorite gamer or your partner wants to buy a holiday pass? Reward yourself for a new shampoo 4 expansion pack, game pack or shampoo packs, now on sale at an awesome discount!

    If you weren’t working well for the latest Sims 4 DLC, it would have been better if you were working well. The High School Years Expansion Pack, Werewolves Game Pack and My Wedding Stories Game Pack are 25 percent off the largest discount for these 2022 releases.

    There are even more deals for Simmers looking to go back in the Sims 4 vault. The cost of a Stuff Pack is 30 percent off, so get the Nifty Knitting Stuff, Laundry Day Stuff, and tons of other build modes and CAS content at a great price.

    With Game Packs on sale, for 30 percent off, there are much more stuff and unique mechanics. The Parenthood Game Pack, for example, brings new relationship dynamics to the Sim families, and the Realm of Magic Game Pack lets Sims play spells, brew potions, and summon magical familiars.

    Last but not least, you can grab your next favourite Sims 4 Expands for an additional $550 off. Experience an expansion pack as a holiday, like the Living Expansion Package and enjoy the Cottage Living Expansion if your Sims are able to work with the Work Expansion Pack.

    But these deals are only for a limited time, so get them when you’re hot. Sales begin on Jan. 2 on Xbox, Jan. 5 on Steam, Jan. 6 on PS4, and Jan. 10 on Origin.



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