The Rock was possibly able to communicate his Black Adam multi-verbial skin with his MultiVersus Skin



    MultiVersus dataminers found deleted text from the game’s files that suggest that Dwayne Johnson was going to voice his black Adam skin.

    Although Black Adam came to MultiVersus in October, many surprised to find out that he was based on the character seen in the comics rather than the DCEU version, which’s played by The Rock. The people who wanted that version to come to MultiVersus have their wishes yesterday with the addition of the Man In Black Skin.


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    Even though the skin’s characteristic in Black Adam matches the appearance of the Rock, he’s not actually vocal by him and is instead played by a impersonator. That’s not too surprising considering that LeBron James doesn’t even speak MultiVersus. However, the sound is what follows: The Rock will lend his voice to the character originally.

    As reported by reliable MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV, the old placeholder text of the game’s files mentions that The Rock is involved with the Black Adam skin, and it’s no secret that the rock is there, and instead of the Black Man is here. One more deleted read, “Play as Dwayne Johnson on the role of Black Adam today!”

    As long as the placeholder text is removed from the game, it seems to confirm that The Rock was initially supposed to voice the skin instead of an impersonating voice. If the Rock joins and leave the project, why are the Black Adam skin releasing so far after the movie come out? Players First would also have had to find someone else to do the skin’s voice.

    There are several solid assumptions in the right direction. In the first place, black Adam underperformed massively in the box office, despite a big star like The Rock attached to it for several years. Another good guess is that Johnson remains out of position after a recent report suggested that he led false sales figures for Black Adam to beat hype.



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