Kojima Productions Shows a very nice new office! Aroged!


    Take a large gamble, it may be a good idea to explain his situation in Hideo Kojimas after he left Konami a few years ago. Since he started to choose a company for his own indie studio, Kojima Productions, and other former employees of Konami wanted to continue his career with him. The fact that she did his first game Death Coasting was very strange – it was thought that it wouldn’t attract mainstream tourists, and it didn’t only end that way. Once the success of the first award finally gave Hideo Kojima the opportunity to build a larger team.

    After being a mystery, they finally showed off their new office, which is still situated in Shinagawa. The first video showing the futuristic office, which is pushed more than the old office, has a special room just for the logo Ludens. A larger office, already expanded the space used to showcase the merch and many new achievements from the past years. The office looks really cool.

    Kojima Productions new office looks more futuristic and more cool.

    Kojima Productions is developing Death Stranding 2 and the project of Hammerstone Studios is confirmed. It was also mentioned that he was working on another project, according to the suppressure word ‘OVERDOSE’. What do you think? Does this new office look a little cool?


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