The release of the unofficial Xbox wrap-up shares his stats for 2022



    This is much the same as Sonys PlayStation wrap-up (pic: TrueAchievements) (pic: TrueAchievements)

    With the addition of the official recap app or feature from Microsoft, a third-party put together its own Xbox wrap-up for fans.

    As soon as new year begins, people like to learn and reflect on their past 12 months. They try to return on to all they have experienced. Something that’s conveniently provided by the likes of Spotify Wrapped, which reminds you all of your memories.

    Sony and Nintendo both offer their own yearly wrap-ups where, syncing your respective accounts, an algorithm determines your personal gaming stats across any time you played on their platforms in 2022.

    Strangely, Microsoft is a misled. There haven’t been a lot of benefits for the Xbox users. A further internet was to get an unofficial site.

    Rather called My Year on Xbox, it’s not as detailed as what Sony and Nintendo are doing, but a pretty graphic is good for you to show your total playtime across all Xbox games, how much you’ve played, how many achievements you’ve earned and how many achievements you’ve done.

    It also focuss on what Xbox game you played most this year and how many hours you spent a lot on it and how much of it you did.

    Anyone interested can go to TrueAchievement and enter the site via your Xbox account. By then you can quickly share your results on social media.

    One might get enough of it, but TrueAchievements revealed more than 20 000 new users registered in 24 hours with the website. The fact that Microsoft never launched such a feature will likely be a mystery.

    In the last 24 hours, more than 20,000 gamers have registered on TrueAchievements.

    Welcome to everyone!

    I’m working on a few improvements to the infographic #MyYearOnXbox, and I hope a copy soon.

    TrueAchievements (SummerAchievement) Dec. 20, 2022.

    The company itself hasn’t had the most stable of years. Even though it announced its purchase of Activision Blizzard in January, things started to start out to do very well, but a huge deal has now been under scrutiny from the regulators.

    The US Federal Trade Commission even filed a lawsuit to stop it happening. But who knows whether that will succeed.

    It has led many to worry that Microsoft is becoming distracted from its publisher duties. At a time when many had hoped that the sudden acquisitions would finally begin to bear fruit.

    Microsoft has implied they have major announcements to come next year. But fans have heard that one before and are still waiting for new sports such as Fable and Forza Motorsport.

    The consoles were profitable, but the fans grew frustrated because the lack of major exclusivity – just Microsoft!

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