Compile Heart teases a new light of the year 2023



    Neptunia developer set to take off the year in style.

    Compile Heart, the Japanese developer behind the long-running Hyperdimension franchise, announced it has announced a grand announcement for the new year. It’s being announced in the newspaper weekly Famitsu published since January 19, as it is in the newspaper Weekly.

    At this point, we can be tense, but given Compile Hearts’ seemingly endless ability to repackage the Cheesecake universe of Nep and friends into almost every genre, we can only assume that Gameindustri residents are getting set to embark on another colorful and goofy adventure.

    The most recent book, Neptunia: Sisters and Sisters launched in Japan in spring of this year. It’s headed west next month just when a new announcement comes into force. Convenient. Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters is opening January 2023 on PlayStation and PC platforms. It will be first title of the series since 2018 the Super Neptunia RPG with a ‘volley localized English’ dub.

    Compile Heart teases the announcement for Jan. issue of Weekly Famitsu [Gematsu/ Ryokutya2089] (Jump).



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