The new Battlecrush trailer is out now, with the launch just around the corner.

    • Battle Crush is slated to release on June 27.
    • Check out the latest trailer shown at the Summer Games Festival
    • Don’t forget to pre-register for exciting prizes!

    Battle Crush, NCSoft’s upcoming legendary MOBA, has released a new trailer ahead of its June 27 launch. Showcasing more gameplay and animations, it reminds players to pre-register ahead of early access for Nintendo Switch and mobile in June, to take advantage of some great rewards.

    Having already gotten to grips with Battle Crush during the game’s accessibility, we’re happy to report that this new legend is shaping up to be a real addition to the MOBA landscape. So if you’re interested in fun, over-the-top combat and a more cartoonish style, be sure to pre-register before launch. Official website of Battle Crush.

    Don’t get crushed

    As for what else to say? Well, we can comment that Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest certainly seems to be popular with mobile. We’ve seen MiHoYo show off a new trailer for the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail update, and Vince Human got a release date (albeit PC only) at the event.

    Given that E3 has slipped by the wayside this year, we can only assume that, despite the higher price of admission for SGF, it seems more diverse in the platforms it draws on. What will we see next year? Well, we’ll just have to wait.

    In the meantime, want to see what else caught our eye this year? Well, despite the fact that we’re only halfway through our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) it’s already looking pretty cool.

    And if you’re looking to jump in with Battle Crush before release, be sure to check out our calixor (character) tier list to see which characters are from this legendary roster, whether they’re Poseidon, Lancelot or baseball-playing dinosaurs (? ).


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