The MW3 Comic Book Weapon Effect skin has divided the CoD community.


    Like it or not, Call of Duty has fully embraced the crossover – creating operator skins for Lara Croft, Nicki Minaj, Spawn, and even Homelander. While this has come at the cost of the Mil Sim aesthetic and the disappointment of a portion of the player base, it does mean that the game’s cosmetics have been taken to the next level.

    Moving on to MW3, it’s clear that Activision has no intention of ditching the shiny and attention-grabbing skins, even using the recent Modern Warfare 3 trailer to show off the upcoming blueprint.

    This comic book cover has divided CoD fans with its special weapon effects that make the gun look like it’s shooting in a comic strip.

    For some, “DopeThe blueprint is already on their wish list, but for others, it’s just another sign that Call of Duty is going downhill.

    Call of Duty fans hailed the “crange” comic book blueprint.

    pointed out by Modern War Zone, Activision took the opportunity to show off the upcoming comic book blueprint in a new MW3 trailer. Along with a clean design, the skin also appears to include weapon effects that make the gun look like it does.”Shooting in a comic strip

    As expected, it received a mixed response, with some fans taking the time to slam the cosmetic and arguing that CoD is becoming more and more like Fortnite. “Therefore, this process continues in the new democratic code.” said one user.

    Another argued, “Lmao they’re already promoting the bundle in the reveal trailer, it’s a**ta cash grab“As usual, skins like this cause a lot of anger among some fans who are looking for a return to CoD”Realism“But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

    Other CoD players think the comic book skin effects are ‘really cool’

    Click to enlarge.

    Not everyone dislikes comic book skins, though, with some players “Dope“And”Very cool“Weapon Effects.”This is a fire weapon skin and likes bullet effects.One user said, with another claim,That gun skin looks really cool.”

    MW3 may mark the start of a new Call of Duty cycle, but one thing’s for sure: Activision isn’t changing their skin and cosmetic strategy.

    For some, this will be fantastic news as the store will always be full of interesting collaborations and weird skins to collect. Others will be very disappointed, disappointed that the franchise is distancing itself more and more from the military theme.


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