EA FC 24 cheapest 87 rated players in Ultimate Team


    Some of the beefier SBCs in EA FC 24 will require higher rated cards, so we’ve outlined the cheapest 87 rated players in Ultimate Team so you can avoid any overspending. As the game As it progresses, more and more SBCs will be released, so 87-rated players will become increasingly important.

    While the cheapest options may not get much use right now, it may still be worth picking them up so you can be prepared for their price to rise.

    For this reason, we’ve outlined the 87 cheapest EA FC 24 rated cards you can buy in Ultimate Team below, with all the latest prices to keep you up to date.

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    EA FC 24 cheapest 87 ranked players

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    Below we have listed the cheapest 87 ranked players you can buy in EA FC 24, along with their prices:

    the player Price
    Lena Miguel 11,500 coins
    Gregor Koble 11,750 coins
    Sandra Panos 11,750 coins
    Beth Mead 12,000 coins
    Lucy Bronze 12,000 coins
    Lena Oberdorf 12,000 coins
    Luka Modric 12,250 coins
    Rose Lovell 12,250 coins
    Eva Pajor 12,500 coins
    Martin Odegaard 13,000 coins
    Lautaro Martinez 13,000 coins
    Gianluigi Donnarumma 16,000 coins
    RTTK Svenja Huth 19,000 coins
    Manuel Neuer 24,000 coins
    Fridolina Rolfo 29,000 coins
    RTTK Dries Mertens 33,000 coins
    Mike Magnon 34,000 coins
    Marcoinos 46,750 coins
    Frankie De Jong 63,500 coins

    I’m glad the cheapest 87 rated cards are starting to go up a bit now, because there’s no worse feeling than packing one of the players and selling them for 5,000 coins when they should be worth that much. I can still recommend that you invest now, as prices will definitely continue to rise in the next few weeks.

    We’ll have all the latest price updates for you here, so check back regularly for all the cheap players. For now, though, you’re looking at spending at least 11,000 coins on one player.

    How much does an 87 rated squad cost in EA FC 24?

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    During this early stage of the game, you will be watching. Spending the best part of 125,000 coins 87 for a rated squad, and that’s without even trying to make sure you have good chemistry. These prices are likely to rise in the future – so you may want to consider investing early to make some easy coins.

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    That’s all you need to know about the 87 rated squads in EA FC 24. If you want to win more games, why not use the best custom strategies in EA FC 24? For everyone else, take a look at our EA FC 24 homepage.


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