The LEGO Star Wars promo: This iconic, rare, complex set is pricey


    New deal promo for LEGO Star Wars: this rare, intricate, classic set is cheap at an affordable price.

    Published on 08/01/2023 at 20:05.

    With this rare LEGO set, fans of the Star Wars saga will find an iconic ship that they can add to their collection without breaking the bank. It was spotted on the internet at a cost, now for Cdiscount.

    You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far, to find quality gifts that delight a Star Wars fan. At different merchants, iconic ships such as Luke Skywalkers Landspeeder can be found at a knockdown price. If the dataries don’t do the trick, you can still save a little money right now by checking your account!

    Indeed, instead of the cost of the official LEGO store (still in fact current) of 239.99, you’ll be repaid by only 179.99 – a saving of 60.

    Buy the LEGO Landspeeder from Luke Skywalkers for 71,99 at Cdiscount.

    Luke Skywalkers Landspeeder is a very rare, intricate LEGO set that looks great in your collection.

    Join the fight with Luke Skywalker with this Landspeeder from the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Collection. LEGO recreated this iconic starship, which is directly related to Episode IV, Star Wars: A New Hope, faithfully. So you can build something that a collector can display proudly!

    What I like about LEGOs is their display, but they are always beautiful to build. This set is aimed also for adults who discover that it is satisfying and sufficiently complex to make a good moment of assembly alone or together.

    With 1 890 pieces, this set measures 20cm long, 3, 20cm high and 12 (30cm) wide when built. The chart showing the technical data from the Landspeeder X-34 will be available on the exhibition. The LEGO minifigure is Luke Skywalker, the same person that can also be used on the display.

    Whether aimed at you or for a close fan of the saga, these collectors are designed for adults, to create a creative and immersive experience while in the open space of the mythical ship.

    Buy 220 yen (Kylla) with LEGO 2 Speedor at Cdiscount.

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