The last of us will have a podcast with Troy Baker


    The Streaming service HBO Max announced that an official podcast for The Last of Us is being released. The podcast will be hosted by Troy Baker, the voice actor of Joel Miller in video games. The show will also feature a host of Craig Mazin and a host of Neil Druckmann. According to the official blog post, the companion podcast will provide an in-depth analysis of the highly anticipated adaptation and an analysis of each episode by frame.

    Two years after the announcement, the series will launch on HBO Max on January 15th.

    There is no more important reason for not having this podcasting experience. The duo released a podcast series back in 2020 with co-creator Holly Gross and actresses Ashley Jonso (Ellie) and Laura Bailey (Abby).

    There are currently no reports that the show stars Bella Ramsey, Pedro Pascal and Anna Torv will appear on the podcast, but it will dive deep into the first season, which consists of 10 episodes. There is no word whether the show will be premiered.


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