The Lamb of the Cult will receive a major content update in 2023


    Whether the Year of the Lamb was like it or not, this is the year of the Lamb.

    The ultimate dream of the night, Massive Monsters Cult of the Lamb, will arrive in September, with the introduction of new features, new technology, and new features to the supersophisticated monsters.

    I guess the details are a little slow, but an odd publisher says the update is going to be bringing a lot of changes to build up the overall depth of the title, with the occasional teasing an all-new heavy attack mechanic. As for sacrificial adventures, new skill settings and new levels of difficulty can be added to the sacrificial adventure. Besides, a number of unique accessibility options and quality-of-life improvements are available. Neat!

    This Update of Major Content will go ahead in 2023 and be free to all players!

    DepthThe dispocabilityAccessibilityQuality-of-life of life: Implications, limitations, and hardships.

    It’ll add features that many of you have requested.

    Heavy Attacks are just one small tidbit, but we can’t show you more from the update! – I hope they’ll stay in touch.

    A can of the lamb is a can of the lamb.

    Following a story released in the summer of 2022, The Cult of the Lamb blends cutesy visuals and ultra-dark humor with its tale of a young lamb whose fortune seemed saved by a sinister deity, teaches the word of this supposed savior and built a cult centered around its teachings. A Cult of the Lamb would take on huge fan followed, eventually making it to a few Game of the Year nomination lists (including our own) and even throw back several gongs at Australian Game Developer Awards.

    Cult of the Lamb is now available on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


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