People of Ash: In the third Avatar, the viewer will meet an hostile Navi tribe as part of the fire that James Cameron Aroged for the end


    In Avatar 3, we’ll see a wide range of new, darker corners of Pandora. James Cameron announced the story of the local people, Navi, who live within the fire. In the second part of the film, the first will show a people profoundly different from the Omaticai and Metkains tribes that the viewer watched the first two parts.


    In the first phase, the Omaticai were introduced, in the forest, the second phase saw a tribe of Metkaina, from which they evolved different than their forest counterparts. They had some anatomical differences, such as green hair, thick tails and long tails. In a conversation with 20 Minutes, director James Cameron talked about the Ash People with which Jake and Neytiri could interact in the next film. As such, Cameron noted that the Navi in Avatar 3 won’t be portrayed as positive as that in the previous film.

    Others would be different than those I have shown. The Ashes will have the fire prepared. I’d like to tell the Navi from a different angle, because I haven’t only shown the best way. There are a lot of negative human examples, and there are more than positive Navi examples in the early films. In Avatar 3 we’ll do the opposite. We will also explore new worlds, then continue our starring story. I can say the last parts will be better. Rest were some introductions, and an way of setting the table before serving food. But as a result, it will depend on the perception of Avatar 2 on its own.

    They will challenge viewers expectations by making it harder for them to learn Pandora’s natives. Although Avatar showed the locals from different angles, aversion to their values and prejudices, they were presented differently in a unique way, not a difference between the two films. A new tribe can be different from those already familiar to the audience, not only in evolution, but also in character.



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    Did avatar: The Way of Water find its audience? The boxes were impressive and in less than a month, the movie grossed more than $1.3 million. We have some positive reviews online. It may mean that the next step is having a future. In the other hand, Cameron said he considered the box office’s revenue of approximately 2 milliard dollars, which still hasn’t been reached, a clear success. The director has announced that the next films will change the franchise structure with more complex themes, accents and new settings, that probably won’t be exactly the same to what we’ve already seen.

    The burgeoning movie Avatar: The Way of Water / The Way of Water – Avatar: The Way of Water: The Way of Water.


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