The game’s first title is Theme from the fern



    Good Shepherd Entertainment recently released the title of the sequel To Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game. This one is based on the iconic “Klown March” song, and only this time, it’s been upgraded with modern synths and hardcore guitar riffs to make it epic. The game’s music was composed by the legendary musician and composer, John Massari, who was responsible for the original song’s performance. You may be watching the screen at the bottom.

    The Good Shepherd is a good performer.

    “When murderous alien Klowns come to feed upon the quiet city of Crescent Cove, the locals must work together to survive inKiller Klowns from Outer Space: The Game! Try it as both humans or Klowns, choose from a variety of character classes and explore the expansive, ever changing map with creepy surprises at once. Under the visionary’s visionary Monday the 13th, the game executive director and a director of game-executive, Kevin Klownsgets the blood pumping with a cheesy, hilarious sense of humor, unpredictable matches and fun.

    • SEND IN THE SKILLS:Become the iconic Killer Klowns. Begin as a group of three players, plan your alien invasion strategy, and hunt down the aliens of Crescent Cove with outlandish weapons and abilities.
    • Insert to the world, on your behalf as a team of seven brave citizens pick your class, explore the city, to find useful loot and weapons, avoid being captured by Klowns, and try to survive the invasion.
    • WELCOME TO CREAM THE COVE: Humans and Klowns will fight on 3v7 assimilated action through a sprawling, randomly generated map with famous locations from the movie and a multitude of tactical opportunities for both teams.
    • The online PompE w/ horror formula goes into use in some new ways. Experience a unique approach to hide-and-seek gameplay with dynamic objectives, customization, and other system allowing a range of outcomes to match with any individual match.



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