Tesla shares fell another 9%, but Elon Musk promised to sell them until 2024



    Initial warning signs of a declining demand for electric vehicles in the US were recent reports of atypical stimulus measures in the Tesla arsenal in China, this week it became known about the provision of discounts throughout the North America, including Canada and Mexico. By contrast, with its discontent with Elon Musk (Elon Musk), as Twitter’s head, the stock price fell by almost 9% in one day on Thursday. The CEO of the company promised that he wouldn’t sell Tesla shares until 2024.

    Image Source: Tesla.

    According to Seeking Alpha, 124 million shares of Tesla changed hands in the first three hours of trading, despite the fact that roughly 90 million shares have a daily profit. Teslas stock price has fallen by 27 % alone in the last six weeks. In total, it’s risen by 69% since the beginning of the year. According to Electrek, the US $7,500 discount in December for electric vehicles were included in the discount. Since the company is currently growing, it carries almost all its value in these countries. The company, with its cost in these countries, do not have the same effect that the company is acting in its own right. If you don’t know how to buy cars, there’s more time for the two customers, which is about 10000 km in Mexico and Canada.

    To finance the deal to buy Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sold a share of the second company in at least $33. Tesla shares in 2022 to become the largest stock exchange instrument.

    It is more serious because of new incidents involving Tesla-controlled electric vehicles that become subject of an investigation by the US regulators. The agency is currently investigating 41 accidents in which Tesla active driver assistance systems were taken seriously, with 14 deaths. In November, the data document was added to the model, which was inscribed with the Tesla Model S v3. 8 other cars were damaged because of the chaosy movement along the bridge.

    The market participants expect that Tesla will sell between 420,000 and 430,000 electric vehicles in the current quarter, thus updating its own record. Obviously, the stimulus measures mentioned above are intended to achieve this goal, but not to be accompanied by Elon Musks traditional end-of-quarter appeal to employees to increase the production of cars. One hand, it means a successful implementation of reforms in production, which were designed to reduce the influx throughout the quarter. A third of the countries in which the market is the leading, to some problems with demand for electric cars, remarkable in a major regional market, such as China, or the US.

    Realizing the illustrious situation, Elon Musk promised on Twitter Spaces he would refrain from selling Tesla shares in the next 18-24 months. According to him, he has already sold some shares of Tesla in case something went wrong with Twitter and he needs money. However, his repeated successes in the past won’t likely help investors believe in new obligations inviolable. The billionaire continues to believe the US monetary authorities have partly contributed to the actual dynamics of the Tesla share price.

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