The Game Theorists went to new start to sell what that means to fans



    The popular videogame YouTube channel GameTheorists has been acquired by a startup and they have announced plans for the future.

    The game Theorists are currently having more than 60,000 subscribers. MatPat and Stephanie Patrick have many other successful channels, including one for film and one for food. Lunar X recently bought all of the channels, said MatPat in a YouTube video with 1,8 million views.

    Said the name: Friends, today is a big day! I’m going to share that news with you all and let you along on what Steph and I have been working on for so long! The future of the channels, and general of the teamtheorist, is bright. I appreciate all the people who are involved in it. I hope that you will stay in front of us as we continue to grow. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing things we have planned.

    What does that mean to the Fans of Game Theorists?

    MatPat and Steph officially sold their business, so their channels don’t belong to them anymore. Since The Game Theorists launched in 2009, this surprised the fans. All three channels were known for their essay-style videos, raising money for charity and doing a lot of meme-worthy skits.

    While the channels seemed successful, MatPat said Theorists needed a little help. There were three years in which the research and editors got the food theory channel up and running. And with a new channel idea headed towards the direction of the organization, the Theorists decided that it was time to sell the business, so that it would be a lot easier that time around. The new channel will begin in February 2023.

    It’s time for MatPat to remain CEO and frontman, and Steph to remain CEO. The entire team is completely intact, added MatPat.

    Lunar X is the daughter of Lucas Kollman, a Forbes 30-under-30 who works in various big brands. The start-up has been launched in 2021 and has a workforce in all over the world. The company is based on engaging digital content.

    MatPat called Moon X a group of like-minded individuals.



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