The first Tales of the Shire trailer suggests that it’s a beast of Middle-earth alongside hobbits


    Developer Wētā Workshop and publisher Private Division have released the first trailer for Tales of the Shire, and it shows that Middle Earth with Hobbits looks like an Animal Crossing game and a cozy place to call home. The trailer comes after the companies teased releasing a trailer for Tales of the Shire earlier this month, following the game’s reveal last year.

    In Tales of the Shire, players will create their own hobbit before venturing into Bywater, the game’s Shire setting. Here, players can harvest fruit and herbs, farm, fish, trade with townspeople, and more, all while working to support Bywater, still an official village in Hobbiton. but not established, may flourish.

    “Greet tranquility at the door as you decorate your own hobbit hole, tend to your garden, fish clean ponds, forage wild fruits and herbs, or town,” says a press release. trade with the people of “Prepare home-cooked meals to share with fellow Hobbits and foster relationships. With so much to see and so much to eat, enjoy days of revelry in picturesque forests, lakes and pastures.”

    Check out the first official Tales of the Shire trailer for yourself below:

    Shire’s Hobbithole customization stories feature grid-free placement, allowing players to place furniture and home decor wherever they want. You can harvest seasonal crops and flowers as time passes in your home, and then stock your hobbit-hole pantry. In addition, you can cook using unique recipes, partake in other breakfasts, and even host dinner parties with other hobbits in the Bywater. Sharing food with guests will build new relationships as the seasons pass.

    Wētā Workshop says the changing weather will affect daily routines and bring seasonal surprises to the Bywater. You can earn rewards through story progression while also meeting familiar and popular characters. You can trade with them for skills, clothes, upgrades to your home and more, and by joining clubs and completing missions and daily activities, Bywater’s status as an official village is further enhanced. will go

    Here are some screenshots from Tales of the Shire.:

    To know more about the game, go to Informant in the game Tales of the Shire Hub.

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