The Daily Dozen Trivia Answers (10/17/23)


    How about a fun quiz to end the day? The Daily Dozen Trivia offers questions from categories such as sports, movies, television and food. So whether you’re a trivia buff or just looking for a challenge, you’re sure to find something for yourself. And don’t worry if you get stuck: we have all the Daily Trivia Dozen answers for October 17, 2023 (Game 86) right here.

    All Daily Dozen Trivia Answers for Game 86

    NFL – Trivia Questions and Answers

    Question: Before your current head coach, what AFC team was previously led by Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley and Herm Edwards?

    Answer: Kansas City Chiefs

    NBA – Trivia Questions and Answers

    Question: Lou Williams won the first of three Sixth Man of the Year awards in 2014-2015 while playing for which Eastern Conference team?

    Answer: Houston Rockets

    NHL – Trivia Questions and Answers

    Question: Playing in the NHL until age 45 in 2018, this winger began his career with 11 seasons in Pittsburgh between 1990 and 2001, leading the NHL in points five times.

    Answer: Jaromir Jagr

    Geography – Trivia Questions and Answers

    Question: With over 250,000 residents, what is the largest city by population in Ohio without a Big 4 sports team?

    Answer: Toledo

    Celebrity Mashup: Questions and Answers

    Question: Name the TWO celebrities in this photo.

    Answer: Millie Bobby Brown and Joe Manganiello

    Restaurant chains – Questions and answers

    Question: In 2022, which chain introduced a monthly or annual beverage subscription called the “Unlimited Sip Club,” allowing customers to get refills on coffee and their signature lemonades for a fee?

    Answer: Panera Bread

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    Television – Questions and answers

    Ask: PEN15, The Path, Difficult People and Ramy were all original shows aired on which streaming platform?

    Answer: Hulu

    Movies – Questions and answers

    Question: Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara formed the Cortez family in this 2001 spy action comedy film that had multiple sequels.

    Answer: spy children

    Music – Questions and answers

    Question: What band released a song in 1999 with the following lyrics: “Say it ain’t so, I won’t go. Turn out the lights, take me home…”?

    Answer: Blink 182

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