How to find and defeat The Butcher in The Haunting Warzone & DMZ


    The Butcher is one of the new monsters that step onto the battlefield of Al Mazrah and Vondel. The enemy has been introduced as part of Warzone’s latest Haunting event, and defeating him will reward you with a mw2 calling card. If you’re a Diablo IV fan, you’ll unlock the Butcher’s Meat Hook after defeating the boss. So, here’s everything you need to know about how to find the Butcher in Warzone and the easiest way to take him down.

    Where to find the butcher in Warzone and DMZ

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    The Butcher is a powerful enemy that can appear in different locations in Warzone DMZ. To know where he is, it is necessary check your tactical map for a marker showing your approximate location. Once you get there, you will see some Lilith Altars that are part of a ritual to summon the Butcher’s portal.

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    To activate the altars, stand near the candles and press the interact button. This will unleash waves of zombies and you will have to defeat them all to continue. You have to do this five times to light all the candles on the altars. Finally, a portal will open and you can enter to face The Butcher.

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    How to defeat The Butcher in Warzone and DMZ

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    As soon as you enter the portal, prepare for a tough battle as The Butcher is a powerful monster with a huge health bar and a horde of zombies. To take down the Butcher, you will need weapons that can deal high damage, such as sniper rifles or light machine guns. As soon as the fight starts, concentrate your fire on the Butcher and try to avoid his attacks.

    On top of that, you may also have to deal with a horde of zombies while fighting the Butcher. So make sure you remove them as well as they can pose a major threat. If you play as a team, communication and coordination are key. So, assign a role and make sure everyone focuses their fire on the Butcher while also taking care of the zombies.

    Finally, it is important to remember that you are not the only one who wants to end it. Other players can also enter the portal and attack you at any time. So stay alert and ready to counterattack. When you defeat The Butcher, an in-game notification will appear on the screen. You will also see The Butcher marked as “Dead” on the game’s Operation Nightmare challenge screen.

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